Kids Try Their Parents' Favorite Childhood Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  • Published on:  8/29/2018
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  • HiHo Kids 10 months ago

    Follow the kids from today's video on Instagram!Cavalli - - - - no instagram

  • Think I went to school with cavlli but he hurt my from emma I don't remember just look the same

  • Stony Stfleur 5 days ago

    HiHo Kids I LOVE YOU...

  • Caro E 1 months ago

    “Why did you eat this everyday?” “WE WERE BROKE”

  • dancingmoons 4 hours ago

    @Dk. Ashzy lmao you say you're broke but you probably grew up in a suburban area with a nice house lmao

  • raecynycear :v yesterday

    Clint Rapisora oh they’re so good. Imagine them selling it in Canada....

  • Elsa Poole 14 days ago

    Tell me a little bit about your mumCute little boy: um she’s beautiful My heart💞💞

  • Dirty Burger 8 hours ago

    @Angela Bent that's possible. Just know that men are trained to tell women they're beautiful because we know that's what you want to hear. Lol.

  • Angela Bent 8 hours ago

    @Dirty Burger that's not true. A random little girl came to me (I'm a hairdresser) and told me I'm beautiful. Gosh that was so adorable. I answered you're also very beautiful. Most Children say straight out of mind what they think and feel like, a child usually doesn't lie when it gives you some nice words.

  • Avery S 15 days ago

    “Maybe sneak a little tobacco on there”😂😂I think he meant Tabasco but🤷‍♀️

  • Egypts Pyramid 3 days ago

    Avery S 😂😂

  • Cheyenne H 6 days ago

    He deserves to be famous

  • “she’s beautiful ” MY HEARTTTT. “she’s boring” : /

  • Anthony Benitez 5 hours ago

    You could’ve obviously tell that he was joking

  • Emily Ruiz 4 days ago

    Srinahanum Arshad you make no sense

  • Sofia J 13 days ago

    Dude this kids dad is giving his daughter a proper lecture about how to dunk graham crackers in milk...🤣

  • Sofia J an hour ago

    Odette I think she meant right*.

  • Always on 2 hours ago

    Odette Some people think stirring the pot is funny even if theres no humor involved. Others are racist

  • Kassie Sheffer 1 months ago

    0:42 Cavalli tell me a little bit about ur mom.Cavalli: shes beautiful!Me: THATS HOW eVERY BOY SHOULD TREAT THEIR MOMEDIT: OMG THX FOR THE LIKES IVE NEVER HAD THIS MANYY!!

  • LouLou 3 hours ago

    Well she is beautiful 😊

  • Yttftft Ddfttf 8 days ago

    I ruined something

  • Anastasia 27 days ago

    Every Filipino moms: we eat this 'coz we're broke.Hahahahaha

  • Hydro Dragon 12 hours ago

    Anastasia 🤣 I’m Filipino and my mom would use the broke card so much to make me do things out of guilt like for finishing all my food

  • a youtube account 4 days ago

    Why would you eat piss?

  • A_Thicc_ Sister 18 days ago

    Why did you eat this everyday?*wE wErE bRoKe*

  • Yay Way 2 days ago

    Noksiseen he wasnt asking you, he was trying to make it funny kid

  • Noksiseen 13 days ago

    A_Thicc_ Sister i have ears you idiot

  • ItsKenth 14 days ago

    I ate crackers with sardines and cheese but never with tabascoAlso let me tell you Cavalli’s mum is pretty

  • Grandma Granny 2 days ago

    All their moms are pretty not just her

  • fireflyserenity31 11 days ago

    Sardines with tabasco is my favorite snack! Never had it with cheese though