Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories

  • Published on:  1/9/2019
  • Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories
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    Top 10 Scary Pixar Theories

    At the time of recording this video - a lot of people are getting very excited for Toy Story 4 which is set to come out this Summer - 2019. Toy Story is one of the biggest movies franchises of all time. People older than me grew up with it and there will be little kids who are about to experience Toy Story for the first time this year. Its great. We all love toy story - but how well do you know it? While I was reading about the latest movie I stumbled across some pretty strange theories about Toy Story. The more I looked - the darker they got - I thought Id pick the best 10 out for you today - my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories.


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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  11 days ago+506

    Top 10 Disney Movie Mistakes 👇

  • Posh
    Posh 22 minutes ago+1

    this wasn't scary

  • Richard Fuentes
    Richard Fuentes 25 minutes ago

    So lotso is Adolph Hitler

  • King Parrot
    King Parrot an hour ago

    Or instead of fixing the toys, he burns them to try to kill the toy's "soul"

  • liah uribe valdez
    liah uribe valdez 2 hours ago

    The one where the toys were been played as corpses fucked me up but i would legit love a creepypasta on it

  • Oh No Thanks!
    Oh No Thanks! 2 hours ago

    ....The picture....... Omg.. Thats me in the morning ; w ;

  • Madison Winchester
    Madison Winchester 2 hours ago

    He looks like Tanner!!!! From Dope or Nope!!

  • Portal Tech
    Portal Tech 4 hours ago

    Scary roblox story
    Number 10:same faces

  • Richard Hunsaker
    Richard Hunsaker 6 hours ago

    Nice to know that the channel is getting back on track

  • Inkwelp Aka Cap’n Crunch

    Andy’s dad died of polio

  • Flowers.In.a Tub
    Flowers.In.a Tub 6 hours ago

    1:13 I think because the focus of this movie is the toys, that's probably why the children aren't all that different.

  • Alicia Rodriguez Gonzalez

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Laser Mayonnaiser
    Laser Mayonnaiser 7 hours ago

    I just realized 20 years later that Andy's Father is never mentioned or shown

  • Sunflower_family
    Sunflower_family 7 hours ago

    I got a roblox add

  • Belltrixe _
    Belltrixe _ 8 hours ago

    My woody doll got possessed and attacked me when I was a kid. Thats enough toy story horror for me.

  • Sarah Knight
    Sarah Knight 8 hours ago

    i didnt get scaered im not a scayedy cat (jumpscare) AHHHHH OK OK MABEY ON THOSE IM A SCAERDY CAT AHHHHHH

  • SolidBoard
    SolidBoard 8 hours ago

    Who else know its fake but still watch cause they bored

  • Taylor Cummins
    Taylor Cummins 9 hours ago

    I’m scared

  • GOOFY Boy!!!
    GOOFY Boy!!! 9 hours ago+1

    Heh *I have around a million toys around me right now*

  • Pheonix 4080
    Pheonix 4080 9 hours ago

    OK I'm really into the history of world war 2, and I was thinking that the concentration camp for theory number UnO was actually Auschwitz.. I mean what if dude.