Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 LEAK EXCLUSIVE! MAJOR SPOILER!

  • Published on:  12/11/2017
  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 SPOILER! Will GOKU MASTER ULTRA INSTINCT? Is this about Ultra Instinct Vegeta vs Jiren or Goku vs Jiren? Will Vegeta Master Ultra Instinct? BIG TIME Dragon Ball Super SPOILERS

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  • Geekdom101
    Geekdom101  9 months ago+1105

    Is it Goku or is it Vegeta doing Full Ultra Instinct first? TELL ME and VOTE in the upper right.

  • Play boy
    Play boy 6 months ago

    Official dbs episode 130 spoiler goku vs jiren do or die battle!
    Goku ultra instinct mastered defeated by jiren but freeza!!!!

  • Steven Magana
    Steven Magana 8 months ago

    Your commentary funny bro

  • Ali hamza
    Ali hamza 8 months ago

    Jiren will unleash his power and will shock us all in this episode. 😉

  • Anthony Welch
    Anthony Welch 8 months ago+1

    Vegeta achieving limit-breaker

  • Marco G
    Marco G 8 months ago

    # TShirtAdidasGokuDBZ

  • Donnavon Simmons
    Donnavon Simmons 8 months ago

    Anyone else sensing gogeta UI

  • Eddie De La Cruz The Exorcist

    I believe Freeza will get maget makaku ultra instinct and kill everbody haha

  • SlickChick
    SlickChick 8 months ago

    Whut no new pitchers?

  • Alord GT
    Alord GT 8 months ago

    Japaneselanguagehsjahdshxb VEGITO! VEGITO INSTINCCCCCTTTTT! *Turn Ultra instinct* Vegito soundtrack plays

  • Chad Shondee
    Chad Shondee 8 months ago

    why do you guys constantly forget about Gohan?? did you guys forget he's the 1st Saiyan to hit Super Saiyan 2??
    Gohan is the choosen one!

  • Arife Duniya
    Arife Duniya 8 months ago

    Vegeta will get new transformation

  • big shaggy gaming
    big shaggy gaming 8 months ago

    its vegito 100 percent vegeta masters offense gotta be they fuse get it all:)

  • TrashTalkWith JJC
    TrashTalkWith JJC 8 months ago


  • exotic_ gaming
    exotic_ gaming 8 months ago

    What about a black aura

  • Master Ryudo
    Master Ryudo 8 months ago

    Vegeta new form, looks badass

  • Strategistmaster
    Strategistmaster 8 months ago

    Heh. Exclusive.

  • Patricia J
    Patricia J 8 months ago

    Will you wear this, search for TShirtAdidasSangoku
    and lets hear your idea

  • Linas Tumas
    Linas Tumas 8 months ago

    Goku full spirit full body full power maybe vegeta

  • 31337 Clan
    31337 Clan 8 months ago

    I'm from the future. No one gets it in 123