How To Find Your Snowboard Stance w/ Jack Mitrani | TransWorld SNOWboarding

  • Published on:  8/21/2014
  • There are a few ways to determine whether you’re goofy or regular. Try them, but know that the body can adapt to riding either way.

    If you already do a board sport (skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, etc.) then your stance is probably the same for snowboarding, although it’s always the same.

    If not, there are a few methods to determine your dominant (leading foot):

    Walk or jog up the stairs. Which foot did you put first?
    Run and slide in your socks on a floor. Which foot did you put first?
    Kick a ball. Which foot did you use?
    Have a friend push you from behind. Which foot did you put first?
    Put your dominant foot in front.

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