Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

  • Published on:  5/12/2019
  • The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.


  • NIGHT KING (6 days ago)

    So we waited 9 years to see Cersie getting killed by a Brick

  • HellioS BerthnaL (1 hour ago)

    +Vinod Palla that would be good than this shit

  • Vinod Palla (1 hour ago)

    Oh boy!!! I thought this season would have an end credit scene of Dany becoming the new night queen!!!

  • Andrew Newmann (1 day ago)

    May the Lord of Light protect us all, for the screen is dark and the script is full of errors!

  • Gabby Mona (5 hours ago)

    *Game of Thrones (Season 8 Episode 5)* fiIm:

  • Mehmood Ali (9 hours ago)

    Best comment ever😂 I hate the effing dark screen is so effing dark smdh..

  • Ishwar Kadam (1 day ago)

    What was Arya Stark doing this while episode . She was just running here and there . It was like she was doing a TEMPLE RUN promo.

  • Gabby Mona (5 hours ago)

    *Game of Thrones (Season 8 Episode 5)* fiIm:

  • SHINOBI X (6 hours ago)

    I wasn't feeling that and they weren't so innocent as people want to make them out to be

  • Rommel Smith (1 day ago)

    Ep 04 The Hound : I don't plan on coming back Arya : Neither do i Ep 05 The Hound : Go back !Arya : Thank you

  • Shawn Lepe (27 minutes ago)

    Well, just saw the finale, Arya was telling the truth.

  • Beastgaming FTW (5 hours ago)

    No the point was he didn't want revenge to consume her life like he did and he didn't want her turning out like him

  • Justin R (1 day ago)

    Imagine getting paid 500k an episode to stare out a balcony

  • Nickolas McKenzie (50 minutes ago)

    Easy Money

  • No Name (1 hour ago)


  • hussein saab (May 12, 2019)

    all cersei did this season. was stared out of balconies

  • Spartacus 1000bc (37 minutes ago)

    +jaysplace01 calm down soyboy

  • Udit Shankar (1 day ago)

    D&D Episode 3: "What they see is the end of the Dothraki essentially"Dothraki Episode 6: Hold my Arakh

  • Sachin Mahato (15 hours ago)

    ep 5..

  • Amada Luna (1 day ago)

    The best of season 8, has been all fan's comments, thanks guys its been like pure therapy

  • OngoingSky93 (2 hours ago)

    That's true. It's the only thing that eases the pain of watching this season.

  • Bocaj (3 hours ago)

    Okay guys you got us, very funny joke. Now please release the real Season 8

  • No Name (1 hour ago)

    April fools has passed...:(

  • Zal (4 hours ago)

    Are you kidding me?! Bran as the ruler of seven kingdoms?

  • Aayushi Primta (3 minutes ago)

    +7 Fan of you and I agree. This is the ending no one thought of and I'm happy with it.

  • 7 Fan of you and (6 minutes ago)

    KAKAHAHAable been here since day 1, expectations were high but I don't mind the plot, that's what keeps it interesting.