Japanese Udon Noodle Soup Recipe - Basic / Base Version, Just Add Different Toppings! [4K ASMR]

  • Published on:  5/27/2020
  • Japanese Udon Noodle Soup Recipe - Basic / Base Version, Just Add Different Toppings! [4K ASMR]

    Featured in this video:
    Japanese udon noodle soup recipe (basic / base version)
    Katsuobushi & iriko/niboshi (dried anchovy) dashi soup broth
    Japanese karaage fried chicken
    TenkaTori/Tenka-Tori Karaage, Japanese fried-chicken shop, Costa Mesa, CA California SoCal OC
    Diet Pepsi soda cola
    Lots of ASMR action of Japanese food eating, udon noodle soup slurping, fried-chicken crunching and cooking sounds

    Soup/Broth recipe for 2 small/regular servings of soup; or 1 large soup serving for whom loves more soup!:
    2cups water
    1/2cup katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), packed
    1/4cup iriko/niboshi (dried anchovies)
    1 piece of kombu/konbu (dried kelp), about 1-2”x5”
    1tbs mirin
    1tbs sake
    1tbs soy sauce
    1/2tbs sugar
    Few dashes of salt
    (save the strained bits for tsukudani rice-topping in the freezer and for the future if you like)

    For a faster, easier short-cut: just use Hondashi powder (packet) or Hon-Tsuyu/Men-Tsuyu) concentrated soup stock (bottle). But, making the soup from scratch is much tastier.

    1-2 servings of frozen or dry udon noodles

    Topping possibilities:
    Handful of baby spinach, blanched
    Nori dried-seaweed strips or sheets
    Fish cake, sliced
    Green onion, sliced,
    Shimeji mushrooms
    Poached egg
    Onsen tamago, egg poached within shell
    Ajitsuke tamago, ramen soft-boiled egg
    Sesame seeds or Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese seven-spice)

    For other popular Udon noodle soup dish variations, simply add different toppings:

    Beef/Niku Udon - add 1/4lb. of thin sliced rib-eye or chuck beef, marinated in 1/2tbs soy sauce and 2tsp sugar, and stir-fried

    Kitsune Udon - add a sheet of Inari-Age or Abura-Age (deep-fried tofu pouch) and sliced Narutomaki fish-cakes

    Chicken Udon - add bite-sized chicken-thigh pieces cooked in the broth

    Chashu Udon - add slices of Japanese pork chashu

    Tempura or Kakiage udon - add tempura or kakiage tempura

    Nabeyaki Udon (hot-pot style) - add spinach, 1” of carrot sliced, Kamaboko fish-cake sliced, Shimeji mushrooms, bite-sized chicken-thigh pieces cooked in the broth, poached or onsen-tamago egg, Mitsuba (Japanese parsley), shrimp tempura, etc.

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