Courtney Hadwin: Shy Teen Shocks Audience With "Born To Be Wild" - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on:  9/11/2018
  • WOW. The 14-year-old STUNS the audience with "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf.
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    In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.

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    With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!

    Courtney Hadwin: Shy Teen Shocks Audience With "Born To Be Wild" - America's Got Talent 2018

    America's Got Talent


  • Janine El-Saghir
    Janine El-Saghir 8 hours ago

    Kid, I love you since I´ve heard you the first time. But - if you want really to come trough you will have to find your own rhythm, you will have to create your own songs and you will have to say, here I (and not the industry) is singing.

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 2 days ago

    I liked Courtney’s very 1st audition best, the golden buzzer moment. After that initial audition, I began to lose my taste for her. She definitely has talent—good vocals and entertaining to watch on stage—but her movements are a bit out of control. It looks like she’s trying too hard. It just doesn’t flow well sometimes. I think with time and coaching, this young lady can be a real star! My hat off too her for having the courage to be herself and give it her all. That’s more than a lot of people have ever done. I wish her all the best!

    TRIBEUR68 2 days ago


  • Raymie Covington
    Raymie Covington 4 days ago

    Every single major artist is just like her..a bit different and it's beautiful

  • Raymie Covington
    Raymie Covington 4 days ago

    Heart of a lion and Tiger Blood. Courtney is truly Born to be Wild

  • Aron C
    Aron C 4 days ago

    You go girl 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌❤

  • Isackson C Souza
    Isackson C Souza 5 days ago

    Muito da hora essa Mina cantando ,i liked ,congratulations girl.

  • Jehad Landajol
    Jehad Landajol 5 days ago

    she's the best actually <3

  • gippo pirro
    gippo pirro 5 days ago


  • Rick Belisle
    Rick Belisle 5 days ago

    She needs her own rock band and go out on her own ,shes in her own realm automatically a staple in rock already !

  • Randolf Pugong
    Randolf Pugong 6 days ago+1

    No thanks

  • Jodi Cox
    Jodi Cox 6 days ago

    She is great but is too animated.

  • Romeo Rogers
    Romeo Rogers 8 days ago

    Now thats talent

  • Gabriela Kkk
    Gabriela Kkk 8 days ago


  • Naomi Bruestle
    Naomi Bruestle 8 days ago

    Amazing go Courtney!

  • LieorDie24
    LieorDie24 8 days ago

    For me Zacaroh was the best too pitty they did not win but they will do it on top of the shows no doubt never saw such a great show on youtube what they did body controll smiling all of them and working so good together just great.

  • LieorDie24
    LieorDie24 8 days ago

    If you see her you would never expect such a voice wow now she has to work a little on her look but maybe thats her weapon she wants everyone to think look here comes a shy girl more afraid than to sing and than bam Anita Franklin Bam Whitney Houston Bam Tina Turner thats maybe her weapon.

  • RunningEngineer
    RunningEngineer 8 days ago+2

    I didn't understand rock'n'roll until I saw Courtney. She brings that dated era up to current.

  • Karya Mestiza
    Karya Mestiza 8 days ago

    This li'l girl is pretty awesome! She is one of a kind. 💓

  • Tanguy Dussart
    Tanguy Dussart 9 days ago

    It's my favor music from an Ads I Loved it