Offset Smokers Number One Beginner Mistake

  • Published on:  8/3/2020
  • Hey Everyone, when it comes to BBQ nothing is more iconic than the offset smoker. I see a lot of new smokers making the same mistake over and over when it comes to smaller offsets and today we’re going to fix that mistake and get you all making great BBQ on your pits. To me the number one skill to hone on any pit is the art of fire management. Once you learn how to make that fire burn clean and hold the temperatures you want it to nothing is out of reach for your BBQ. People like to think that the only way to run an offset stick burner correctly is to try to run your fire using only wood splits and that any other way is wrong. What I’ve seen this result in for folks running smaller offsets is their fire is constantly going out because they can’t build a big enough fire to allow it to run on its own. The result is a stressful cook session and that's something I don’t want anyone to experience. My recommendation when it comes to smaller offsets, is put our ego aside and start by loading up your firebasked with a full chimney of lit charcoal. I don’t care if its charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal, what I care about is that you start off with a full coal bed ready to burn whatever smoke wood you put in there. A full coal bed means you don't have to throw big wood splits that may not want to burn cleanly in the could even keep your fire going with chunks of wood at this point if you so choose. I promise if you start with a full chimney of charcoal running your pit will be easier and the whole experience will be more enjoyable. If you’ve been having trouble running your offset give this method a try and let me know how it works out for you, and til next time, y’all take it easy.

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