[Country Dogs] Animal I Have Become | Complete MAP

  • Published on:  8/4/2020
  • !!This is just an artwork!!
    I’m 100% sure no one involved supports nazis. Pretty sure it’s the opposite case. This was just made to look nice. The character here is portrayed as EVIL and does not romanticize nazis. He isn’t owo cute! WE HATE HIM! Please don’t call him sexy or cute in the comments. First of all- he's a dog. Second of all- nazis aren’t sexy.
    Thank you for understanding!

    ITS DONE! WHAT!!! I didn’t expect anyone to join this MAP in the first place, i’m shocked! It came out amazing! Thank you all sm!
    Also can we talk about how it was a lot of people’s first time drawing furries?? And it came out so well??? It took me a full year to learn how to draw furries and you guys master it in a week smh.

    Playlist of all the parts- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4WxL0NKzO2QEBFeUBAdZgpreFdvAeM7b

    This is a PMVish color palette MAP about Country Dogs Germany in WW2.
    The dogs here are-
    -German Shepherd/main= Germany.
    -Caucasian Shepherd/black floppy ears= Russia.
    -Mutt/flopped ear and fat= USA.
    -Corgi= England.
    -Poodle/puffy white fur= France.
    -Chinese Crested/long fur on face= China
    -Polish Tatra Sheepdog/all white= Poland
    -Shiba Inu/glasses= Japan.
    -Italian Greyhound/grey male= Italy.

    Quick Q&A

    What is a MAP?
    A Multiple Animators Project. Different people worked on different parts of the video which is why the art style changes so often. Here’s the parts playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4WxL0NKzO2QEBFeUBAdZgpreFdvAeM7b

    What is Country Dogs?
    Country Dogs is a set of my own characters. It isn't related to countryhumans- same overall idea just my own thing with their own world rules. They aren’t a fandom or free to use. If you want to find out more about my dogs please peep my TH! https://toyhou.se/Chef-Gatsby/characters/folder:631585

    What’s on his mouth?
    The black/wire cage thing is a muzzle. He was forced to wear one after losing WW1 since he was labeled an aggressive dog. The gray bubbly stuff is rabies foam.

    Can I draw fan art?
    Of course! Please tag me, I’d love to see! (my instagram is chef.gatsby or hashtag cg_countrydogs) I just ask you not to draw nazi germany as a cute puppy dog.

    Song- Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace