The World of Jake Paul



  • mart wolf
    mart wolf 35 minutes ago+1

    Why is he so sad and scared

  • hannah galabo
    hannah galabo 3 hours ago

    The song from this vid is such a vibe

  • Skylar Matley
    Skylar Matley 4 hours ago

    jake: send it!

  • Miranda Elaine
    Miranda Elaine 5 hours ago

    I think Jake Paul is a man child who never got the chance to grow up like a normal person. I get a worse vibe from Logan...

  • Saima Muddassar
    Saima Muddassar 9 hours ago

    "No, they like you." Ouch man. I felt that

  • DrCube84
    DrCube84 13 hours ago

    So dramatic and boring in the beginning

  • Emily Trumble
    Emily Trumble 16 hours ago

    Why dose he keep saying like

  • Corgi Butt
    Corgi Butt 21 hours ago

    Shane’s at 19mill been on YouTube for eight years
    Nah that doesn’t sound right

  • Freya B
    Freya B 23 hours ago

    the music tho😍 love the end at the end... cant stop binge watching. i havent even touched netflix

  • Lizbit Smith
    Lizbit Smith yesterday

    I’m so done with this therapist. Why is she there? Who is she? We don’t want a creepy conspiracy theory or diagnosis. Go away.

  • Allison Wensel
    Allison Wensel yesterday

    take a shit every time Jake says "like"

  • Juicy French Fry
    Juicy French Fry yesterday

    Anthony’s dog Anthony’s Song nudge nudge #billyjoel#jpisirrelavent

  • Savage_lamas
    Savage_lamas yesterday

    omg rn now I am drinking ma pure leaf tea and he is all like thats the tea shook (not sponsored )

  • Kim'Ann Raymond
    Kim'Ann Raymond yesterday

    Lol the therapist could be one for all we know!😂😂😂 this shit got me second guessing everything and everyone I know!😩😂😄😋🙃

  • all around me are familiar faces

    After the break up anyone??
    Now hearing Jake say Ericka is the best thing that has ever happened to him is funny and sad

  • Da Fuq
    Da Fuq yesterday

    Who know the title of the music the end of the video 47:07

  • roseboy 20_01
    roseboy 20_01 yesterday+1

    God, the first thing I said to myself when watching this was "don't feel sorry for him", and now I literally want to follow him I'm such a weak person

  • Elis Sugahara
    Elis Sugahara yesterday

    Wtf kkkk He's actually a kid with a hard past

  • Leah Yazan
    Leah Yazan yesterday

    Let’s just put it out there that Shane has more subscribers than jake Paul. Love you Shane