Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Shocks The Nation | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah



  • reibert trash 3 months ago

    Healthcare is far left? For a european as myself this is hella weird 😂😂

  • Felipe Silva 1 months ago

    we all have healthcare here in Brazil... a 3rd world country

  • Xeccelerator 2 months ago

    Welcome to America. Where our liberals are conservatives, and our conservatives are clinically insane.

  • o0OHermioneO0o 1 years ago

    Far-left in the US = center-left in Europe

  • Brian Williams 1 months ago

    @Michael T. Thanks for your explanation.

  • Michael T. 1 months ago

    @Brian Williams Depends on which examples you compare. There are plenty of variations in both categories.Broadly speaking, I'd say this; Center-left parties and groups are the traditional representation of blue-collar workers.They tend to favour incremental change, but policywise, they're extremely similar to what Sanders is currently talking about in the US.Groups further left usually advocate more radical changes to society. Andrew Yangs UBI would be considered further left in Europe, though not ...

  • Jonida Sanço 1 years ago

    She's not far left. She is left. This is what the left looks like. You call this far left because you think capitalist neocons are left. Hilarious!

  • Bhavana H 2 months ago

    @Juan Quedo There were rumours about that but I don't believe that they were completely true, I don't think that the conservatives don't want to abolish the nhsThey wanted to leave the EU because they 'claimed' it would free up more money for the NHS and other things but that was proved to be an exaggeration and not entirely trueThey have plans to increase funding whether they will carry it out 🤷‍♀️

  • Ewan Cullens 3 months ago

    @Tamatoa Have a look at Great Britain before saying that.

  • jo han 1 years ago

    Its funny how these points like free college tuition or free health care means that she's far left, because in Germany we have both and it's the most normal thing. The USA are so weird in that aspect

  • A.I. Dimmer 1 months ago

    Capitalizing on basic needs,thats the definition of CAPITALISM in America.

  • Roxanne Bisson 1 months ago

    Same in Canada!

  • New Message 1 years ago

    A female, minority, socialist, millennial.The GOP is clutching it's chest and collapsing into a chair as we speak.

  • Lara Marie 2 months ago

    Hahaaaa jaaaaa😂😂😂😂

  • Beton Burger 1 years ago

    I'm from Germany and I think that she is not far left I think that what she wants to do is totally normal.

  • Unknown Person 1 months ago

    Saame, even though I'm not American or European, it's totally normal for us here, I'm surprised that America doesn't have those benefits

  • nick atanassov 1 months ago

    Beton Burger She is sooo dumb ,it’s hard even to listen to her for five minutes

  • Harsh 1 years ago

    "She's so left" she really isn't that much to the left, just in relation to the rest of the American politicians she is. That being said I'm happy she won.

  • A.I. Dimmer 1 months ago

    fresh politicians stale with age too

  • Andrew P 2 months ago

    Harsh You must be judging her by this video. I promise you, she’s as far left as it gets.

  • Supernova12034 1 years ago

    Time for the dinosaurs in congress to die. Need more young democrats in there.

  • HELLO WORLD 3 months ago

    Yeah like aoc idiots 🙄

  • KOD 11 months ago

    Bernie Sanders was the first to actually tell this message.. He is very old.. Age is not the prerequisite.. Its time for universal health care..

  • dee llaneta 1 years ago

    That Cardi B part is on pooooint!!! Okurrrrr!!!

  • venom 1 years ago

    Someone like her is far left in the US? In Germany we would consider someone like her fairly conservative..

  • T w 2 months ago

    Then I sincerely apologise

  • venom not really. She advocates for policies that Europe never would.