• ZeroPlayyys
    ZeroPlayyys 8 months ago+4570

    Bapo slapo his wife

  • MinehunterGames
    MinehunterGames 6 hours ago


  • ty dollaz
    ty dollaz 9 hours ago


  • ISAgaming
    ISAgaming 10 hours ago

    Bappo slappo his wifo. And btw I drank milk through my nostrils so how could not even stand a sup of water through his nose?

  • Mac Doodles
    Mac Doodles 14 hours ago

    When bappo feel horny
    Bappo go fappo
    When bappo leave
    Bappo no come backo
    When.. when bappo enjoy the show
    Bappo clappo

  • eanna connolly
    eanna connolly 16 hours ago

    I'm concerned for swaggers health
    He obviously smoked a lot of weed

  • Yousuf Zakeria
    Yousuf Zakeria 18 hours ago

    bapo no hacko

  • Instant ramen games
    Instant ramen games 20 hours ago

    Bappo play league of legends he choose draco

  • ThatOneWolf 1119
    ThatOneWolf 1119 20 hours ago

    I'm a bisexual that plays video games...

  • Aven Blomus
    Aven Blomus 22 hours ago

    Swagger is always drunk and high

  • Adam Z
    Adam Z 22 hours ago

    When Bappo get slappo then Bappo atacko

  • The Joe Show
    The Joe Show yesterday

    Bappo smoke tobacco

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf yesterday

    THis video just showed up on my homepage and i clicked on it,im REALLY happy i clikekd on it, Swagger is so fucking chilled and funny XD

  • sergeant reaper
    sergeant reaper yesterday

    Bappo likes Tabasco

  • DD TV
    DD TV yesterday+1

    You want more Bappo look Below...
    When bappo smokes, he only uses tobacco...
    When bappo hate Jews, bappo build Campo
    When bappo shoot gun, he run out of ammo
    When bappo is me uncle, bappo taps hole
    When bappo rats out the Mexican Cartel, bappo gets decapod...
    When bappo hits puberty, bappo do jacko...
    (Adding to this ☝️) bappos mom walked in, while bappo whackos...
    When bappos racist and in the 1900’s, bappo endorses the laws of Jim Crow....
    When bappo made fun of, bappo feel shallow....
    Aight that’s it :p

  • Ahiella Borgen
    Ahiella Borgen yesterday

    i got a good one ready knock knock? who’s there? i’m raping. i’m raping who? you.😂

  • Madison Angel
    Madison Angel yesterday

    low-key want to playing this game, while on the discord and laughing my ass off with them bahahaha

  • Reagan Roy
    Reagan Roy yesterday

    do they really use a script? lol

  • Lanz Ace
    Lanz Ace 2 days ago

    Imagine Swaggersouls and Ainsley on the same team

  • Kadon Henderson
    Kadon Henderson 2 days ago

    wanna know why bappo hates gay peopl
    because bappo no faggo