• Published on:  5/4/2018
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  • Firefox 6 months ago

    "swaggersouls and friends" should be a tv show/series

  • ChickenPanda129 yesterday

    S • W • A • G • G • E • R

  • Crude Wildfire 23 days ago

    misfits podcast they also have their own channel

  • HyperThePiper01 :p 2 months ago

    Famous last words: "I wonder if this chair goes back further."

  • Benjamin Webster 19 days ago

    In my head I couldn't stop seeing a short distressed man with a helmet on laying on the ground

  • GoldenSlayer218 5 months ago

    When bappo go to McDonald's, bappo order big maco

  • WeedleWarrior 2 days ago


  • BIK3 F0R LIF3 3 days ago

    When bappo gets bad grades.. bappo get a smacko

  • Ibrahim Alabed 5 months ago

    do you know why Bappo smokes?Bappo need tobacco

  • The Jurassic Order 8 days ago

    No bappo need cracko

  • Granola xo 12 days ago

    That’s what I was thinking 😂😂

  • Shrek’s Wife 3 months ago

    Swagger is an undercover family guy character

  • Helion Zerx 1 months ago

    Shrek’s Wife he sounds like peter griffin

  • Allan Mendoza Ortega 3 months ago

    “Uh Japanese girls exchanging bodily fluids please”I can’t I just cant😂

  • *_*smacks dick on desk_**

  • Danica Kelly yesterday

    Ray vantassel I hear that too

  • Super Arafa 2 months ago

    Feeling kind of down?Depression? I think so.Stress? Maybe.Bappo? Trivago.

  • ZombonicHD 18 days ago


  • Scout S 2 months ago

    Ok that's a og comment xc

  • Bubbles ! 5 months ago

    "Hey! Hey! Hey! HaY! HAY! HAY!""Sorry, I was on the phone with my mom and she was asking me what horses eat, but she couldn't hear me"

  • Ugly God420 11 days ago

    4:05 (this was DEFINITELY me after reading this)

  • AK 1 months ago

    Favourite bit haha

  • TheFlyingNacho 5 months ago

    When Bappo's on edge, Bappo does cracko

  • Shylok 3 months ago

    3:55Don't you just love it when Swagger is unexpectedly wholesome?