Internazionale vs Tottenham Hotspur Champions League FULL Match Highlights: 2-1

  • Published on:  9/18/2018


  • daniel figueroa 9 months ago

    The world of football is a better place when either Inter, or AC Milan host at the San Siro. Welcome back. - Juventus fan -

  • daniel figueroa 9 months ago

    LEGO TUBE yeah, I actually am :)

  • LEGO TUBE 9 months ago

    Are you gay?

  • Jean Jacques Rousseau 9 months ago

    In Italy we say: "LA PRENDE VECINOOOOOOO"

  • liquidsw2112 9 months ago


  • Mr Nasty 9 months ago


  • Dono Hdv 9 months ago

    Six years waiting for this moment Forza Inter.

  • Bash Main 9 months ago


  • Sir Magnifico 9 months ago

    Vecino in 17-18: Scores the late goal to send Inter back to the UCLVecino in 18-19: Scores the winning goal late in Inters opening UCL match

  • Ciriaco Maraboto 9 months ago

    Vecino doesn't score too many goals, but he scores epic goals

  • Fahmi Hayatudin 9 months ago

    I Almost cried. Six years, you guys! Six Years!!!

  • Paolo Cappelletto 9 months ago

    This is Inter. A crazy team.......

  • Davide Lorusso 9 months ago

    @Justin Rios Lucky?

  • Giovapolo 9 months ago

    Amala pazza inter amala

  • Lollo Como 9 months ago

    San Siro's ROAR is shaking Europe ..... WE'RE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chancy319 9 months ago

    It's the first match....

  • Lollo Como 9 months ago

    @MetalForTheMasses Well, it is also known as ''il Meazza'' for was named after the Great Inter Captain who was'' yet Meazza's ROAR would have been even more iconic....nevertheless we mainly call it San Siro

  • Lui Même 9 months ago

    It was 1-0 for spurs for a time*THEN ICARDI DECIDED INTER SHOULD WIN*

  • Ciriaco Maraboto 9 months ago

    john doe ¿¿¿"todo merito de él"??? parece que algunos giles todavía no se enteran de que el fútbol es un deporte de EQUIPO

  • Ciriaco Maraboto 9 months ago

    Nope. Icardi only decided Inter wouldn't lose... but Vecino wasn't happy enough with that

  • The Furschlong 9 months ago

    glad Inter won, they homed many of our Brazilian stars. Great team with a lot of courage, hope the Italian Clubs go far they have some of my favorite teams in Europe.

  • Asri Asri 9 months ago

    Wow, Giuseppe Meazza Stadium is amazing,welcome to Uefa champions league

  • Davide Lorusso 9 months ago

    Welcome back,Giuseppe Meazza has signed the champions league history

  • Dude Lebowski 9 months ago

    *welcome back