Dragon Ball Kai Abridged 3, Sekiro Drinking Stream, and MORE! | TFS Update | TeamFourStar



  • thefirebreather487 2 months ago

    Dbz Kai 3 is gonna be an April’s fools joke, just watchEdit: for the first time, I am the most liked comment on the video. I have ascended.

  • John Walker 1 months ago

    Like 2,000

  • Awesome Cam 1 months ago

    when i literally control if you are at 2k likes

  • 3rdStrikeMike 2 months ago

    Kai Abridged 3 premiering on April fools and Digimon playing in the background?hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Ryan Hansen 29 days ago

    Its 2.9

  • 5tormwolf92 2 months ago

    So it's a Digimon episode.

  • MasterKaiju 2 months ago

    -Kai 3-Aprils Fools-Abridgimon Playing the Background(X) Doubt

  • ice breaker 2 months ago


  • ChandSlam 2 months ago


  • Tony Hills 2 months ago

    Hmm. April first is when Kai Abridged is coming out. Playing the last April Fools joke (Digimon Abridged) in the background?HMMMMM...

  • Jordon Schaeche 2 months ago

    They did that last year

  • TDMCDavid 2 months ago

    @Nihilum it isn't Kaiser said it wasn't because he only could be in town for that day so they had to do it.

  • squadalaguydc 2 months ago

    Instead of Kai 3 pt 1, on april fools theyll just upload pt 2 only.Or both part 1 and 2.Or Bojack Abridged.

  • AirPods 2 months ago

    squadalaguydc the fact that someone actually called it

  • ECKohns 2 months ago

    Cell is hilarious and we will quote everything he says.

  • ChandSlam 2 months ago

    "Okay but why though?"

  • Slaschur 2 months ago

    Helton 342 MISTER Perfect Cell!

  • Kevin Crispino 2 months ago

    Dragon Ball Kai abridged is coming out April 1st on April fools. So I'm a little suspicious

  • Raul Ramos 2 months ago


  • I know what's going to happen. TFS is going to Premiere the first minute or just the intro of DBZ Abridge on April 1st. Lmao 😂😂😂

  • Kirferyan 2 months ago

    Jigsaw Lets Play & Dancing Probably

  • Kirferyan Lol. IKR im still going to checkout or maybe we are over thinking it. 😂😂😂

  • Kaburi R1 2 months ago

    I have a bad problem with April 1st after Broly....

  • Brad Bailey 2 months ago

    Joshua B. God I hope so. That was underrated lol

  • Rodrick Goldberg 2 months ago

    Same. Team Four star are awesome guys. But I hate humanity as a whole on April Fools day because of how mean people get.

  • Ven K 2 months ago

    Toei: Hey look it's April Fools day!*Proceeds to take out channel from Youtube

  • Who Knows 2 months ago

    They'll think it's a joke only to realize it's not far too late to stop us!