25 Things Everyone Missed In Frozen 2

  • Published on:  11/26/2019
  • Frozen 2 Had So Many Easter Eggs And Hidden Secrets
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    Frozen 2 is finally here! And among all the epic scenes, new songs, and great adventures are a ton of hidden moments and Easter Eggs. Time to thaw these frozen treats out as we uncover hidden Disney references, a fun connection to the band Queen, and a great tie-in to Gravity Falls.

    Despite taking place three years after the first Frozen, the film is still filled with plenty of flashbacks -- including the opening scenes where we see a young Anna and Elsa playing together. Instead of the standard toys, the little girls enjoy some time with snowman figurines. Watch to see what characters are hidden among the designs. One of Elsa’s big songs in Frozen 2 is “Into the Unknown”. The song helps set her off on her journey -- and provides us with plenty of lyrics to sing along with. In the movie -- the song is also filled with all kinds of great visuals -- including one hidden Mickey that appears in a blink and you miss it moment. While Frozen’s time setting prevents a lot of modern-day references, we do hear Anna use the word “epic” as a kid -- and there’s also a great reference to the band Queen. After struggling to propose to Anna, Kristoff decides to sing about his feelings in the song “Lost in the Woods”. Well, it turns out the song had all the vibes of a 80’s music video and one of the moments was a direct reference to the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody. Watch to see all of these moments and so many others in Frozen 2!

    Quick warning -- there are some major Frozen 2 spoilers ahead!

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