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  • Ethan Mellefont
    Ethan Mellefont 14 minutes ago

    I know why james is in prison is because at the start he is in prison on monopoly

  • Crazy Tiger-lady
    Crazy Tiger-lady 32 minutes ago

    6:34 I was born in 2007

  • Amelie Mahoney
    Amelie Mahoney 43 minutes ago


  • HMF Vlogs
    HMF Vlogs 49 minutes ago

    Every like I will add a 😀

  • Ramzul Hakim Ramli
    Ramzul Hakim Ramli an hour ago

    Shiny Charizard Is Black Not Glowing And I................LOVE IT BLACK AND RED AMAZING

  • cute galaxy cat
    cute galaxy cat an hour ago


  • Kristy Crook
    Kristy Crook an hour ago

    The made me cry of laughter I’m dieing

  • Foxygamer 64
    Foxygamer 64 an hour ago

    Pff I like the screaming and stuff I love it heheh

  • The Ninja Gamer
    The Ninja Gamer an hour ago

    i now hau to play pokemon

  • dancing banana 2.0
    dancing banana 2.0 an hour ago

    4:48 hit or 4:30 miss

  • Joel Mangrum
    Joel Mangrum an hour ago


  • Kungfumastermilo 11
    Kungfumastermilo 11 an hour ago

    James when I saw the homeless neopet I felt so bad I almost cried

  • frosty_ playz
    frosty_ playz an hour ago

    7:45 i saw 33 charizard cards :3

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi 2 hours ago

    sorry is my actual favorite game. i get go be savage and don't have to apologize

  • Joshua Quiroz
    Joshua Quiroz 2 hours ago

    I know how to play pokemon but magic is better

  • Soraya Beynon
    Soraya Beynon 2 hours ago

    I know how to play pokemon cards

  • Emily. Tod
    Emily. Tod 2 hours ago

    monopoly is horrible. I hate it. Every time I play it. I get sooooooo . Bored. uggggggggh. Uhhahahahaha. I hate it grrrrrr

  • HUNTER 1427
    HUNTER 1427 2 hours ago

    Why is life noggin is here

  • yesFeys Wewdefegs
    yesFeys Wewdefegs 2 hours ago

    I play full house jack queen king As
    Which is Bridge cards xd

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 2 hours ago

    Me to I can't it to