The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

  • Published on:  12/5/2018
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  • Harvey's snippets
    Harvey's snippets 4 minutes ago

    We have a different mattress company in orlando where they make it here

  • chaos120m
    chaos120m an hour ago

    Except half his facts are cherry picked the other half easily debunked bullshit. No I didn't watch the video I just think he is a assclown

  • Gursimran Singh
    Gursimran Singh an hour ago

    Ha! Found a website that delivers all the parts for a mattress. Customized my own mattress and got a latex topper off amazon. (Queen) All for $400. Then learned a ton, ordered for my parents and got them a king for $380. Same type of mattress is over 1500 since it’s a layered 3” high density foam(firm), 1” memory foam in middle, 2” latex on top. They love it!

  • Vacnol
    Vacnol an hour ago

    Ahhh, that lil meme at the end was great. Nice job.

  • LaughingMan.EXE
    LaughingMan.EXE an hour ago

    I'm actually surprised I didn't see a reference to how Casper created Purple attack reviews from that site, made fake videos, then Purple won the lawsuit.

  • Mic Schoon
    Mic Schoon an hour ago


  • Kyle Trew
    Kyle Trew an hour ago

    I got mine from Ikea, 350$ pocket spring pretty happy

  • idontlikejuice
    idontlikejuice an hour ago

    This matress has a copy of Half Life Thr- *SOLD*

  • jeyser 1206
    jeyser 1206 an hour ago

    lol mfw i wouldnt have even thought about this.

  • Evi1M4chine
    Evi1M4chine an hour ago+1

    In Germany, we have a guy who sells the “anti-cartel mattress” (Anti-Kartell-Matratze) for exactly this reason. He gets harassed quite a lot by the cartel, always only proving his point. While his mattress tests the best our official consumer product quality testing foundation (Stifung Warentest) has ever tested, for 10 years straight. At about ⅓ of the price.
    They last way longer too, as big mattress manufacturers intentionally use low-quality foams that break down in a matter of 2–5 years, no matter their density, even though much better foams are available.

  • Guard Scorpion VII
    Guard Scorpion VII an hour ago

    My life is a lie 0>0

  • Evan Padula
    Evan Padula an hour ago

    how did they get permission to film this in a mattress store xD

  • Adam.M M
    Adam.M M an hour ago

    We got a purple and do love it. The platform didnt squeak but after a few months it did just like any other.

  • Jay Steg
    Jay Steg 2 hours ago

    Wonder when Adam is going to ruin the IRS

  • Fudzbo
    Fudzbo 2 hours ago

    Purchased a memory foam mattress from a foam place in my state. Spent around 300 on it a few years ago for a queen. Feels just as nice as the day I got it. Although, my time in the Military has made me able to sleep just about anywhere, so take my experience with a grain of salt.

  • Madwolf 096
    Madwolf 096 3 hours ago

    I thought the suit guy was the guy from that movie where the guy says no one is chasing you at the end scrne(forgot the name)

  • James O'Phelan
    James O'Phelan 3 hours ago

    Umm, I bought a Casper right when they came out. A full size for $650 shipped. They gave a 100 night test out, I slept like a baby on it and never went back. My brothers both spent thousands and my casper is better. Sometimes Adam is wrong.

  • Charles Canlom
    Charles Canlom 3 hours ago

    Damit Adam Conover. 2 Of My Favorite Youtubers Partner Casper. They Have Discounts

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 4 hours ago

    A nightmare? What a dumb _blanket_ statement. My $130 queen from Amazon is amazing.

  • creation life
    creation life 4 hours ago

    This guy makes his channel on ruining stuff isn't that slandering?? It's that breaking the law. He thinks by talking trash about the industry he's not going to get sued??