Brentwood and Oakley Police Chiefs Take a Knee With Protesters

  • Published on:  5/31/2020
  • On May 31, protesters demonstrated in both the City of Oakley and then moved on to the City of Brentwood in what was a peaceful demonstration -- which should be a model for the rest of the nation. Oakley Police Chief Eric Christensen took a knee and chatted with protesters while Brentwood Police Chief Tom Hansen did the same -- even addressing them saying change was on the way.

    Unlike the rest of the county where looting and violence occurred such as in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Danville and other areas, a group of nearly 250 people remained peaceful and respectful during their 3-hour demonstration demanding justice for George Floyd, changes in police policy and demanding no more police brutality.

    Note - this is raw video (unedited) from the event.

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