Americans & Australians Swap Snacks



  • Imposter Kat
    Imposter Kat 54 minutes ago

    Australia has sour patch kids, I'm legit eating some right now

  • jeff brahim
    jeff brahim an hour ago

    they forgot tim tams!!!

  • Reegoose _
    Reegoose _ an hour ago

    3:03 When she snapped the bread after the conversation I lost it😂😂😂

  • IES Iesha
    IES Iesha 2 hours ago

    Couldn’t stop laughing about the bread

  • Jaiden Grant
    Jaiden Grant 2 hours ago

    Bruh you have to be kidding Aussie food so much better the american food

  • itz sealand
    itz sealand 3 hours ago

    Twizzlers are addictive

  • Hakuru15
    Hakuru15 3 hours ago

    i was expecting us aussies to get really pissed off.

  • Kirra Smith
    Kirra Smith 3 hours ago

    No one likes cherry ripe in Australia 😁

  • lambro 678
    lambro 678 3 hours ago

    I love sour patch kids i hate cherry ripes im Australian btw

  • Unibearprincess9
    Unibearprincess9 3 hours ago

    When she said “oh but the base for the pizza is so soft and pillowy!” And she SNAPPED THE BREAD LIKE A CRACKER ;-;

  • Ass Ass
    Ass Ass 3 hours ago

    They gave them the worse lunchables ham and cheese and crackers is where its at

  • I hate kids with XXXTentacion profile pics

    Im team USA
    Im team Aus

  • Kaif Qais
    Kaif Qais 4 hours ago


  • Pixelated Frappe
    Pixelated Frappe 5 hours ago

    Last time I ate Fantales it pulled out my tooth

  • Ruby 13
    Ruby 13 6 hours ago

    We have sour patch kids in Australia

  • Jiokhor Thichiot
    Jiokhor Thichiot 6 hours ago

    We have sour patch kids in Australia.......

  • Caius Jones
    Caius Jones 7 hours ago

    Buzzgei all Australians eat sour patch u make such trashy repetitive content

  • Sierra Alpaugh
    Sierra Alpaugh 8 hours ago

    Does anyone remember when gushers came out

  • Bianca Green
    Bianca Green 8 hours ago

    I lost two teeth eating fantales as a child

  • Hey_Girl_Hey
    Hey_Girl_Hey 8 hours ago

    Where are the Hot Cheetos. So iconic hello?