We Play Geoguessr • Where In The World Are We?!

  • Published on:  4/27/2021
  • Hello friends! Here is our full livestream from this Tuesday, 4/27!

    This week we tested our geography skills by playing the game Geoguessr, which basically plops you down somewhere on Google Earth and asks the question, “Where are you?” Will we be able to figure out where in the world we end up or will we embarrass ourselves along the way? For Tyler's round we honestly just completely relied on the chat lol - if you want to see less cheating, skip ahead to my round!

    Catch us live every Tuesday at 5PM Eastern :)

    0:00 The Intro Bit
    12:11 Tyler's Round (Lots of Cheating)
    45:25 Snack Break (Earth Gummies)
    49:07 Safiya's Round (Medium Cheating)
    1:24:40 The Outro Bit