4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious



  • Pesky Bee
    Pesky Bee 2 months ago+6613

    Lorenzo maybe level 2 chef but his personality is level 100

  • specialmitch
    specialmitch 2 months ago+5948

    Amateur chefs: I'm going to add vanilla extract
    Professional chef: I climbed into the rain forests of Tahiti to find my vanilla beans then cured them with the local indigenous peoples according to their ancient traditions.

  • Kyle Klodnick
    Kyle Klodnick 2 months ago+3497

    Level 1: Store bought
    Level 2: homemade
    Level 3: wakes up and grows the cow

  • Sunlight UwU
    Sunlight UwU 2 months ago+1333

    Level 1: does something
    Level 2: DONT DO THAT
    Level 3: Technically does that but more professional

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith 1 months ago+1378

    Level 1 : IDK what I’m doing
    Level 2: hahahahahahhaha
    Level 3: I raised the cow that made the butter

  • Allie Johnson
    Allie Johnson 1 months ago+1087

    The level 3 chef usually makes their food too weird for me, but I think Penny’s cookie looks so so good

  • Furret But not really
    Furret But not really 2 months ago+1497

    10% cooking
    30% Lorenzo
    99% sMoKe ThE bUtTeR

  • Zeus
    Zeus 21 days ago+169

    It should be
    Level 1: ketchup girl
    Level 2: lorenzo
    Level 3: pro chef
    Level 4: lvl2 grandma (coz her dishes are practical and she's so cute)

  • Rawdha Elshazly
    Rawdha Elshazly 3 months ago+4740

    level 1: so i'm gonna microwave this
    level 2: so this is room temperature
    level 3: so i'm gonna SmOkE iT

  • Allison Slone
    Allison Slone 2 months ago+437

    I tried making Penny's cookie , and damn y'all. It was so freaking GOOOOOD!!!! I baked half the cookie dough before the freezer because I barely had the patience. But the frozen half was wayyyy better

  • Tielormus - Builder/Gamer
    Tielormus - Builder/Gamer 2 months ago+513

    Level 0 Random Guy: buys cookies from the nearest store

  • ConRon
    ConRon 2 months ago+134

    Usually the level 3 is unnecessarily complex but damn they do look literally perfect, might be worth it.

  • Creed
    Creed 2 months ago+289

    Level 1: Squidward
    Level 2: Mr Krabs
    Level 3: spongebobs grandma

  • the diamond horse
    the diamond horse 1 months ago+253

    Me : cookies and milk!
    Penny: cookies AnD bOuRbOn

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 1 months ago+116

    Hi I'm penny, I've been smoking butter professionally for 14 years.

  • Black to the Pink we're pretty and savage

    I like how confident and intimidating Penny is. And would you just look at that 🍪? She must be really proud.

  • 「Internally Screaming」
    「Internally Screaming」 2 months ago+329

    Elena: Wow! That’s amazing!
    Lorenzo: Omg! That’s a good good chocolate chip folks if I do say so myself.
    Penny: I make a good cookie.

  • Whylertea
    Whylertea 4 months ago+8478

    Level 5 Grandma: Did you make it with a lot of love?

  • Nora Snell
    Nora Snell 2 months ago+234

    Mom: what the hell are u smoking
    Me: Oh no worries just some butter and salt

  • Ryan Mccreary
    Ryan Mccreary 1 months ago+52

    Person: hey patty how’s it g-
    Penny: I smoke my butter