4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious



  • Smolltubes
    Smolltubes 14 minutes ago+1

    I learn more here then in school i swear

  • Nico Bonilha
    Nico Bonilha 23 minutes ago

    T H I C C

  • The King Of Bananas
    The King Of Bananas 27 minutes ago

    Lorenzo was the best

  • Hubert Podgajnt
    Hubert Podgajnt 58 minutes ago

    yyyyyy i make a good cookie wez sie nie zesraj

  • Moldiworp
    Moldiworp an hour ago

    I didn't realize you can use a hookah in that way ;)

  • khalid mei
    khalid mei an hour ago

    I like penny's cookies😊

  • Julia D
    Julia D 2 hours ago

    I love Lorenzo’s laugh when he takes the cookies out the oven 😂

  • Unbox therapy fan #1 Yes

    are those cookies or muffins💀💀

  • Lexie Stern
    Lexie Stern 4 hours ago

    Idk why but the professional annoyed me sooo much

  • Michelin Stars
    Michelin Stars 4 hours ago

    Can Penny pls make me some cookies?

  • Angela Zabala
    Angela Zabala 5 hours ago

    nice series

  • Naughty Hotdog
    Naughty Hotdog 5 hours ago

    I make cookies in two steps, break and bake. 😏

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo 5 hours ago

    Where's Penny's recipe? Gosh I'd love a giant bowl of those thicc cookies. How much is the damn smoker?

  • Daniel Martinez Fernando

    The level two guy looks like red navarette, the Filipino comedian

  • tara vs the world
    tara vs the world 6 hours ago

    Food professionals always gotta be extra and also the scientist has some sort of agenda against Elena

  • Arustex
    Arustex 6 hours ago

    Lorenzo's cookie is more tasty for me im gonna follow his instructions

  • Benthe Loves Animation

    How about "Kid Chef VS Adult chef compare to making cookies"

  • Natsu Uzumaki
    Natsu Uzumaki 7 hours ago

    This is too technical, if you’re a confident chef you can just eyeball it 👁

  • Kat
    Kat 7 hours ago

    god, lorenzo's laugh is so freaking contagious