4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious



  • Pesky Bee 1 months ago

    Lorenzo maybe level 2 chef but his personality is level 100

  • John Smith yesterday

    I have to kind of disagree, I've seen a few videos of him now and he just tries too hard. Ms Penny, the level 3 chef, just made the cookie effortlessly, had a calm, experienced demeanor.

  • specialmitch 1 months ago

    Amateur chefs: I'm going to add vanilla extractProfessional chef: I climbed into the rain forests of Tahiti to find my vanilla beans then cured them with the local indigenous peoples according to their ancient traditions.

  • Mochi K 2 days ago

    Lmao 🤣😂

  • @TheBrothergreen do you watch Rick and Morty?

  • Rawdha Elshazly 2 months ago

    level 1: so i'm gonna microwave thislevel 2: so this is room temperaturelevel 3: so i'm gonna SmOkE iT

  • Ben Fletcher 6 days ago

    Rawdha Elshazly Level 3: IMMA TAKE A HIT A THIS!

  • @Blobby Boi Is it "oh god it's so good, mmmm so good, mmm so good and tasty, MMMMMMMMMEeeh

  • Kyle Klodnick 1 months ago

    Level 1: Store boughtLevel 2: homemadeLevel 3: wakes up and grows the cow

  • TyPo HeLix 4 days ago

    theres nothing to do with meat tho....

  • Matthew Singh 6 days ago

    Level 0: Just buys cookies from the store

  • Whylertea 3 months ago

    Level 5 Grandma: Did you make it with a lot of love?

  • Aesthetic Noob 2 days ago

    @Queen SOSx same she makes me plantain and rice though😊

  • Maddiline Kathryn 4 days ago

    My grandmother is dead on my mom’s side and I barely remember how she made sweet potato pies dangit

  • kuan lin 2 months ago

    What is your profession?I'm a food scientist.Oh. What do you do?Point awkardly at a blackboard

  • Ben Fletcher 6 days ago

    kuan lin Point awkwardly at a blank* blackboard

  • SungirlTRS UwU 1 months ago

    Level 1: *does something*Level 2: DONT DO THATLevel 3: *Technically does that but more professional*

  • Tamago 1 months ago

    This is perfectly said 🤝

  • Madara Ichiraku 25 days ago

    Level 1 : IDK what I’m doing Level 2: hahahahahahhahaLevel 3: I raised the cow that made the butter

  • Pengu Squad 18 hours ago

    @big slaz 564 so you commit suicide for food? Or do you kill your family members

  • Rydal1 6 days ago

    there should be a level 0

  • Comments 10% cooking30% Lorenzo 99% sMoKe ThE bUtTeR

  • Gretchen Tok 2 days ago

    0% logic

  • ChickenStrips • 4 days ago

    So 139%*seEMS LEGiT*btw i know that it doesnt always have to be 100%

  • Allie Johnson 26 days ago

    The level 3 chef usually makes their food too weird for me, but I think Penny’s cookie looks so so good