Shawn Mendes - "Youth" ft. Khalid

  • Published on:  11/5/2018
  • Shawn Mendes on Apple Music:

    Co-written by Marjory Stoneman Douglas students Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, director Anthony Mandler, Larry Jackson, Shawn & Khalid, this video creates a literal stage to celebrate and honor the young, diverse and talented amongst us. Starring both Mendes and Khalid as well as over 30 different inspiring young people ranging from activists, painters, dancers, gun violence survivors, musical prodigies and many more splashed against a stunning New York City backdrop (A full list can be found below) It also features a sculpture by New York-based contemporary artist Daniel Arsham.


    Autumn de Forest, 17, Painter

    Yetunde Washinton, Nia Mandisa Parker & Lourdes Honor Taylor, 18, 20 & 19, Hiplet Dancers

    Lizzie Howell, 17, Ballerina

    Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 18, Environmental Activist

    Hasaan Hawthorne, 20, Wrestling State Champion (Double Amputee Wrestler)

    Clawdeena, 18, Drag Performer

    Zuriel Oduwole, 16, Filmmaker / Activist

    Ahmed Mohamed, 17, Arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school

    Kojo Odu Roney, 13, Prodigal Drummer

    Giuliana Siraguso, 12, Hearing Impaired Dancer

    Donielle Hansley, 14, Dancer

    Sonita Alizadeh, 21, Rapper / Activist

    Morgan Hurd, 17, World Champion Gymnast

    D’Angelo McDade, 18, Survivor of Gun Violence

    Jahne Benthall & Lynn Yeobah, 18, 18, Northstar Academy Policy Debater

    Kadan Bart Rockett & Brooklyn Nicole Rockett 13 & 11, Kid Magicians

    David Doktorman & Isaac Segal, 18, 18, National Policy Debate Champions

    Phoenix Hunter, 8, Wrestling State Champion

    Rayna Vallandingham, 15, Martial Arts Champion

    Elias & Zion Phoenix, 12, Music Prodigies

    Mars, 18, Gender Fluid Artist

    Nassir Little, 18, All-American Basketball Player

    Parker Clark, 14, Fire Performer

    Austin Perine, 4, Superhero who feeds the homeless

    Charlotte Reidy & Gabriel Ratner, 12, 11, Shakespearean Actor

    Jack Andraka, 21, Inventor, Scientist, Cancer Researcher

    Director: Anthony Mandler
    Creative Director: Larry Jackson
    Exec Producer: Larry Jackson, Nathalie Besharat, Scott Seviour
    Written by: Larry Jackson, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Anthony Mandler, Shawn Mendes & Khalid
    Producer: BlackHandCinema, John Winter
    Post Producer: Karl Reid
    Production Company: BlackhandCinema


  • laiba Zia
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    This song is so motivational.Giving beautiful message to the world.

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    This video desiverd to be 1b views

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    Two wonderful people by delivering a meaningful message👍😍

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    i’m sobbing

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    I need a Collab of Shawn and Zayn

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    *_This must hit 6 billion views it's the best song ever_*
    _Common it's atleast better than despacito_
    *_Who agrees?_*

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    Damn the ending was so good! Loved the power!

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    Im think.. Im not only one who repeated watching this video over and over again.. 😊

  • Big Shim
    Big Shim 4 hours ago+1

    This song is so LIT. You have inspired a movement for renewed peace. Indeed our youths are precious to us.
    Check out my parody on this song (Shawn Mendes Youth) that is ALSO inspired by the March for Our Lives movement: will sure enough be even more inspired to fight against guns and violence throughout the world.

  • Alessandra a.wahl
    Alessandra a.wahl 4 hours ago

    7:28 Austin purine is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  • Isaac Escobar
    Isaac Escobar 4 hours ago

    I love how Shawn didn’t make this about him he made it about these beautiful and talented people and about the real issues in this messed up world. Thank you Shawn.

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    islam like me

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    oooooooh boy you are amazing LOVE YOU AS A PERSON WHO SPREAD LOOOVE

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    this song is full of inspiration for many people :D

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    Ok i take my comment back. Shawn mendes u need to delete this video. U cant make a video with Al quran voice and a bunch of sexy naked dancers!!!!