Fixing a $2,200,000 BUGATTI Chiron! (Car Mechanic Simulator)

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Paul Lindblad 2 months ago

    Why did it look like it went through a spaghetti 🍝 factory when he brought it in to his body shop???

  • Mr. Pineapple yesterday


  • XxFaIECxX Shiny 2 months ago

    1:40 "Bugatti Veyron..." The title says Bugatti CHIRONLater...Jelly: It's Bugatti Chiron. I apologizeMe: Oh nvm... He realized.

  • Blanca Espinoza 1 months ago

    It's 2019 XD

  • BatuhanD147 8 months ago

    He says Bugatti and Chiron so weirdLike if you agree

  • Yanzel Mercado 8 months ago

    @Snoopdawoop YT it is Chiron

  • Rajeev Sood 8 months ago

    Some people say shiron and some say ki-ron

  • Elysium Renegade 1 months ago

    SillyI mean that’s what the sign said00:25

  • Joshua Tecuala 15 days ago


  • Sailopuii Khawlhring 3 months ago

    You cn also find a monster truck

  • Jeanette Keown 24 days ago

    Try to find a 5000 level skill test jelly jelly jelly

  • Squiddy WebbJ 8 months ago

    “Oh... it’s just a Bugatti Chiron” 😂😂😂