Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) KILL COUNT



  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  2 months ago+619

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  • Hugh Oh
    Hugh Oh 8 hours ago

    “Justice Truck”

  • L W Munger
    L W Munger 16 hours ago

    MICHAEL DON'T KILL THE DOG or any other pets you see if you do that confirms your not the Michael we all know and love

  • Goopi Beast
    Goopi Beast 20 hours ago

    Nice shirt. I recognize it from the hot girl in the movie😂😂😂

  • LilB N
    LilB N 23 hours ago

    11:23 Illiuminati do do do do dooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Koala Playz
    Koala Playz yesterday

    Both drivers were male in the ambulance

  • chris almighty
    chris almighty yesterday

    james a. janisse is a goat!

  • Juan Carlos Becerra

    The mechanics body looks like specter from bo3

  • jackfrickticeye chadtronic

    I am a michegander

  • daemonicpotato
    daemonicpotato yesterday

    Come on, the shotgun stab has to get the Golden Chainsaw!

  • The Jakinator
    The Jakinator yesterday

    I know a worse song he could be singing..............
    "8 more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, 8 more days till Halloween Silver Shamrock.

  • Nicola Josephs
    Nicola Josephs yesterday

    5:38 If you look carefully, Michael Myers' Mask is near Jamie's face.😱😱

  • Narwhal Strain
    Narwhal Strain 2 days ago

    Every Halloween movie not including Halloween 3 goes like this:yeah he's dead *comes back from being faint*.the actors:HOLY SH*T

  • Sabina Musialik
    Sabina Musialik 2 days ago


  • Sabina Musialik
    Sabina Musialik 2 days ago

    Am a kid

  • Justin Golik
    Justin Golik 2 days ago+1


  • Rodrigo Martinez
    Rodrigo Martinez 2 days ago

    it should have been 17 kills because of the dog

  • Zack likes to snack

    I just seen the dog. If it dies ima punch a hole in the wall.
    Edit: okay. I'm sorry wall.

  • IAmCookoo27
    IAmCookoo27 2 days ago

    If Jamie's uncle is Michael Myers, then damn family reunions must be awkward

  • Squid Kid
    Squid Kid 2 days ago

    Pea wea Herman is like mr. bean.