Doesn't Make Any Sense: Cooler Master MF700 Case Review

  • Published on:  5/6/2021
  • Cooler Master's MasterFrame 700 case doesn't make any sense. It's trying to be too many things at once, and as a result, does nothing well. The MF700 has interesting ideas and bad execution.
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    Cooler Master wanted to make a test bench, but they also wanted a big display case, and they also wanted something that could be mounted on the wall, so they made a case that could be all of these things. The Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 is a “transformable” case -- meaning you can pick it up and change its orientation -- that can be laid horizontally as a test bench or stood upright like a computer. The Cooler Master MF700 tries to do many things and struggles to set the standard in any of them. The MF700 is in most direct competition vs. the Thermaltake Core P3 & Core P5 series, and clearly takes inspiration from the likes of the P90 and other wall-mountable or strangely shaped enclosures. We’ll look at whether the Cooler Master MF700 is worth it.

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    00:00 - Intro
    04:35 - MF700 Build Quality
    11:12 - Form Factor & EEB Rant
    16:01 - CPU Thermals in Cooler Master MF700
    18:42 - GPU Thermals in MasterFrame 700
    19:03 - Standardized Fan Results (CPU & GPU)
    19:54 - Conclusion

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    Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
    Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman