8 QUESTIONS from The Last Dance ANSWERED [yellow eyes, LeBron threat]

  • Published on:  5/14/2020
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    Why are Michael Jordan’s eyes yellow in The Last Dance? Who is the security guard from The Last Dance? The Last Dance ratings and Michael Jordan George Carl are all trending right now because people have burning questions about the new Michael Jordan/Bulls documentary. Not every question can be answered with 100% certainty but we do the best job possible in this video. What does Scottie Pippen think of The Last Dance? What is Michael Jordan drinking? There are answers to those questions but even though MJ opens up a lot in the new film he is staying quiet about some other things.

    Michael Jordan has complete control over The Last Dance which explains why some people aren’t interviewed. Why isn’t Michael Jordan’s wife in The Last Dance? Luc Longley The Last Dance are also trending topics these days. The answer might be something Jordan does not want us to know. Those are two people who probably don’t have a favorable opinion of His Airness and therefor were not asked. While the documentary is amazing it is an incomplete picture of the GOAT.

    Michael Jordan wanted to make The Last Dance because he was threatened by LeBron James. That statement might be a true conspiracy. Although Jordan would never admit that, he is very competitive and LeBron was sneaking up on MJ’s title in some younger circles. The documentary reminded us of what we already knew: Jordan is the greatest who ever lived. That doesn’t mean it has left us without questions.

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