Rebuilding A Wrecked 2013 Nissan GTR Part 5

  • Published on:  2/10/2019
  • When you are in the rebuilding game, you will have to learn to part with some cars! We have many builds for this channel and a lot of new ones on the way also. Our main goal is to keep a constant flow of builds we have never done, to learn some awesome new things on the way. No new builds for now until we finish this GTR, so lets get to work. Thanks For Watching!!!-GOONZQUAD HOODIES: A Patron: goonzquadteam@gmail.comMUSIC CREDITS: MUSIC: Song: LiQWYD - Explore (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link: JayJen - Imaginary (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link: MBB - Palm Trees (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link:


  • Apollo G
    Apollo G 6 months ago+309

    What ever you do, Don't sell Thomas

  • Alfonso Ocampo
    Alfonso Ocampo 6 months ago+128

    You should have taken a picture of every build and you should have made it into a poster and put it up in the garage

  • mehran Shaikh
    mehran Shaikh 6 months ago+52

    We want a viper video on Tuesday along with Thomas

  • Ian Abel Rodriguez
    Ian Abel Rodriguez 3 days ago

    any plans for more jdm cars maybe a subaru or a supra or s15. just wondering.

  • Luis Nava
    Luis Nava 6 months ago+98

    A Raptor would be nice! Great video like always guys!

  • Kratos
    Kratos 6 months ago+147

    How aboot restoring that semi that is sitting in the yard.

  • Moses Emmet
    Moses Emmet 6 months ago+32

    That was an epic rebuild! I got space in my garage if you need a place to park it while you work on the next project.

  • Tyler Balkus
    Tyler Balkus 6 months ago+27

    Do a f150 raptor build that truck is my kryptonite🔥

  • Tim Nathan
    Tim Nathan 6 months ago+3

    Would LOVE to see a build on an 80s Dodge Charger or Chev Monte Carlo - something vintage. Love your work boys keep it up. Learning so much.

  • SimeonEleazar Goonzchuk
    SimeonEleazar Goonzchuk 6 months ago+3

    Tooken apart the legit way!

  • YrnNyati
    YrnNyati 6 months ago+223

    I’m serious DO NOT SELL THE VIPER when it’s finished.

  • Ryan Hurley
    Ryan Hurley 6 months ago+7

    Newer RAM build would be awesome! I own two of them and love them. Yea they don't have the best dependability with the trannys as everyone knows, but i have over 200K on my 2016 and haven't had one problem. Can't beat the Cummins!

  • TheFastStang
    TheFastStang 6 months ago +22


  • Cade Sprakties
    Cade Sprakties 6 months ago

    Hellcat? Goblin?
    Also how about another truck or Jeep build? Love it when you guys go full send on mods

  • Spectrum_ Knockout
    Spectrum_ Knockout 6 months ago+1

    Wow easy kit car and hellcat but noooooo the 706 and camaro

  • DCOG
    DCOG 6 months ago+147

    Did I miss something? Where is the Hellcat?

  • mark Hayward
    mark Hayward 2 months ago

    Im just inspired by each and every vid of you guys working on the projects. Keep it going as long as possible 💯🤙🏾

  • Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira 6 months ago

    Guys, as usual, awesome work and video! But the music is still too loud in relation to your voice's volume. Mix it down and it'll be perfect

  • Gerry McVeigh
    Gerry McVeigh 5 months ago

    Always enjoy your videos !!! Entertaining and informative !!!....btw how old are you two...???🤔😎😀

  • David Blum
    David Blum 6 months ago

    Your video tile was on unbox therapy where he is reviewing Amazon TV.