Adding the fish WE forgot about!

  • Published on:  12/10/2017
  • Adding fish to the aquariums

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  • Corgi fox
    Corgi fox 10 days ago


  • Amy Harrell
    Amy Harrell 3 months ago+2

    Joey, I’ve gotten nerite snails on 2 different occasions and the minute I put them in my aquarium they died! I got angels at the same time. I tested my water all was normal, do they need salt or something? Any feed back would be much appreciated!

  • Jackie Her
    Jackie Her 3 months ago+2

    Give me a fish!!!!!!

  • incredible yash
    incredible yash 4 months ago+4

    how many tanks do you have...???

  • Riasat202
    Riasat202 4 months ago+1

    The discus aquarium is my favorite!

  • horsesrule14
    horsesrule14 4 months ago

    My Molly got really skinny, help pls, I got him July 30 2017

  • pat pat
    pat pat 5 months ago

    Nerite snail eggs are a pain to get rid off, they stick really bad!

  • Nicole Jackson
    Nicole Jackson 5 months ago

    I love the discus tank!

  • GamerKnight3000
    GamerKnight3000 6 months ago

    My dream tank would be a 120gal with 15 neons with some java fern and a dwarf crayfish and this guy just has 5× my dream tank

  • Yeyet Bontuyan
    Yeyet Bontuyan 6 months ago+3

    Where is the new flowerhorn?

  • catherine peck
    catherine peck 7 months ago+1

    How big do walru get

  • Karan Ramdhani
    Karan Ramdhani 7 months ago

    I also added nerite snails to my planted tank.
    I also added the assassin snail to clean up all the eggs they lay that way I have another nice looking snail in my tank.

  • Reg Pollock
    Reg Pollock 7 months ago+3

    Snails: Just need butter and garlic.

  • Rory Twungubumwe
    Rory Twungubumwe 8 months ago

    have a triop tank

  • vandaxgaming
    vandaxgaming 8 months ago+1

    @The King of DIY you should get a freshwater eel tank. I just got one for my 29 gallon tank and they have the most personality and interactive-ness of any fish I’ve ever seen

  • Normal Day With Charlie!!!

    dude...what happened with the peacock...???

  • Jameson Aquatics
    Jameson Aquatics 8 months ago+2

    I happened to the peacock bass???

  • Caleb Snider BassMaster
    Caleb Snider BassMaster 8 months ago+6

    get Oscar chiclids

  • messy1985able
    messy1985able 8 months ago+7

    king of diy is better than dantdm

  • AZ brown_knight
    AZ brown_knight 9 months ago+4

    Love your gallery. And ty for the inspiration to upgrade my freshwater aquarium!!