Lobia Salad Recipe | Masala Mornings | Shireen Anwar | Appetizer

  • Published on:  7/10/2020
  • Lobia Salad is easy to prepare, healthy and tasteful to have. Have it as a meal or as a sideline with a main dish, either way, you'll like it!

    Watch this Masala TV video to learn how to makeLobia Salad , Mughlai Cutlets and Badami Mutton Korma Recipes. This show of Masala Mornings with Chef Shireen Anwar aired on 9 July 2020.

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    Lobia Salad:


    White Black eyed pea boiled 1 ½ cup
    Kidney beans 1 tin
    Salads coarsely torn 2 cups
    Capsicum 1 cut into tiny cubes
    Tomato 1 cut into tiny cubes
    Cucumber 1 cut with skin
    Olives sliced 4-6
    Onion 1 cut into rings

    Ingredients for Dressing

    Garlic 1 tsp
    Vinegar 2 tbsp
    Salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper all ½ tsp each
    Sweet chili sauce 2tbsp
    Sesame oil 2 tbsp
    Soy sauce 1 tbsp


    Mix all together in a salad bowl, just before serving mix well with prepared salad dressing, serve immediately, top with onion rings.

    Mughlai Cutlets:


    Chicken mince ½ kg
    Ginger garlic 1 tsp
    Raw onion grinded 2 tbsp
    Bread 1 large sliced soaked and squeezed
    Salt 1 tsp
    Chili powder 1 tsp
    Green chilies grinded 1 tsp
    All spice 1 tsp
    Green cardamom grinded ¼ tsp
    Coconut grinded 1 tbsp
    Almonds grinded 1 tbsp
    Cumin crushed 1 tsp
    Egg 1
    Oil for shallow frying
    Coal for dum


    Put all the ingredients in a food processor, grind until smooth, give dum of coal, make into cutlet shape, shallow fry in oil and serve with chutney or raita.

    Badami Mutton Korma:


    Mutton ½ kg
    Onions 2 grated
    Garlic paste 1 tbsp
    Turmeric ¼ tsp
    Salt 1 tsp
    Chili powder 2 tsp
    Yogurt 1 ½ cup
    Clarified butter ¾ cup
    Cream ½ cup
    Mace grinded ¼ tsp
    Green cardamom grinded ½ tsp
    Cloves grinded ¼ tsp
    Saffron ¼ tsp
    Screwpine water 1 tbsp
    Sliced fried almonds 2 tbsp for garnish
    Ginger paste 1 tbsp

    Grind Together

    Coriander seeds 1 tbsp
    Ginger 2 inch pc
    Black pepper whole 15


    Heat clarified butter, fry grated onion till light golden, add garlic, add mutton, cover the pan, cook for 5 mins, add turmeric, salt, chili powder and beaten yogurt, cover and cook till liquid dries about 15 mins, fry mutton for 5 mins, add coriander powder, ginger paste, and 2 cups water, cover and cook till mutton gets tender, lastly add grinded spices, cream, leave it on low flame on dum for 10 mins. Garnish with fried almonds and serve hot with sheermal.