NFL Opens Season With Nasty Surprise For Nike & Kaepernick, Humiliates Them Both

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • NFL Opens Season With Nasty Surprise For Nike & Kaepernick, Humiliates Them Both
    On Thursday night, the NFL opened its 99th season with a nasty surprise for Colin Kaepernick and Nik...


  • C. Galindo
    C. Galindo 2 months ago+1

    most of the football players are black, how is that racist? because they get a ridiculous amount of money for playing with their balls. what a bunch of hypocrites

  • Gayla Pruett
    Gayla Pruett 2 months ago

    How's the song go IT'S TO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW NFL A fan said NO FANS LEFT

  • Barrett Fenwick
    Barrett Fenwick 2 months ago

    I feel terrible for the 10000 + working class people the NFL employees... All the players coaches, and owners can go starve!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 2 months ago

    You all are such haters. He never said he hated the flag, the national anthem, or the country, YOU said that. He said he hated the fact that police discriminate against black people - and while I don't usually like to make sweeping, blanket statements, the police clearly do discriminate against black people. You'd have to live under a rock to not know this instinctively. As for them bringing it on themselves, how about they've been beat down so long, many of them haven't had all the same opportunities you have had (and that is what is meant by white privelege, not some of the tangents you all go off on). Give them a couple more generations. After all, it was just a couple generations back that there was slavery. Whether they'll admit it or not, I think most white people feel all this in their bones. At least the compassionate ones do. BTW, I'm white. Thanks for thinking about this, and try to find some love in your heart. I swear, you'll be happier.

  • The Gov'nor
    The Gov'nor 2 months ago

    What's this racist shit? Grow up Amerikkkunts ffs.

  • Janice Peterson
    Janice Peterson 2 months ago

    A bunch of fucking traitors who are disrespecting the country that gave them the free speech they are using. Fucking scum!!!

  • Jeffery Welch
    Jeffery Welch 2 months ago

    What a load of crap this video is.

  • J White
    J White 2 months ago


  • Jermaine Landrum
    Jermaine Landrum 2 months ago

    Fuck y'alls flag

    IT’S ME AGAIN 2 months ago

    Just stop playing the National Anthem in sporting events and problem solve!!!!... can’t wait until you idiots stop buying Nike gear, so I can get it cheaper!!! 😂😂😂

  • Wendell Harper
    Wendell Harper 2 months ago

    Jealous are you dillusional troy Williams or just ignorant ?

  • Stevie Wonderz
    Stevie Wonderz 2 months ago

    Amerikkka is showing their true colors!!!

  • KidDerby
    KidDerby 2 months ago

    So....not a single fucking word out of Kapernick…..hrmmmm. A gutless coward or a set up by NIKE that went wrong, or both?

  • CarloPearl2006
    CarloPearl2006 2 months ago

    People seem to forget why they kneel in the first place! As a 30 year combat veteran I realize they are not disrespecting our country or the men and women who have served in the military. They’re protesting the racial injustice and police inequality for people of color. That is it! Disregard all the other crap you hear from the POTUS and other media organizations.

  • Mark Five
    Mark Five 2 months ago

    Lame. Maha

  • ix Nine
    ix Nine 2 months ago

    regardless i will still rock nike and continue to watch the nfl... an amerikkkin tradition.... 😉

  • ix Nine
    ix Nine 2 months ago

    wtf... total waste of time.... very uninformal and a waste of people's time... to continue pull the sheets over your head and act prominent... smh

  • Craig Conner
    Craig Conner 2 months ago

    I fully support Colin and NIKE. And for you all to try and discredit and redirect the entire message and purpose for his and our protest is a very low life lying trumpish move. To the author or authors of this video, you really need to start educating yourselfs on a topic ,subject,or situation before you blindly open your mouths speaking stupidity and hate. I pray to God you people reap what you sow.

  • Fred Knox
    Fred Knox 2 months ago

    Ditto. Go! Trump

  • lagunasoroco
    lagunasoroco 2 months ago

    99th season?