NFL Opens Season With Nasty Surprise For Nike & Kaepernick, Humiliates Them Both

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • NFL Opens Season With Nasty Surprise For Nike & Kaepernick, Humiliates Them Both On Thursday night, the NFL opened its 99th season with a nasty surprise for Colin Kaepernick and Nik... #NFL#Opens#Season#With#Nasty#Surprise#For#Nike#Kaepernick#Humiliates#Them#Both


  • Earnest T Bass 9 months ago

    I gave up the NE Patriots!! The money I'll save,,,, time to👀

  • Earnest T Bass 9 months ago

    @Orcinus1967 , it sucks didn't want to do it,, the interest just ain't there anymore,, even with 5 Super Bowls in 17 years! Good man turn it off!

  • Orcinus1967 9 months ago

    If we had not won the Super Bowl last year (2017), it would be easier to give up the NFL. I have a feeling I am right behind you...will the last person watching the NFL please turn out the lights?

  • Patriot 9 months ago

    I will never ever watch another NFL game or buy a Nike product, they have shown there true patriotic Anti American colors.

  • The common Man 9 months ago

    Kaepernick Will go down in NFL history, as the most hated player and for trashing the NFL reputation. I haven't watched a game since 2016 and I never will. AND my FLAG is proudly displayed in my front yard.

  • Jacklynn Jackson 8 months ago

    @Thomas Mistretta white police

  • Timothy K 9 months ago

    DEVINECLUB here we go again with the hate speech. I’m noticing a pattern

  • Debra Womack 9 months ago

    I just returned a pair of Nike shoes to the store. I complained that they hurt my feet when I stand for the National Anthem.

  • DEVINECLUB 9 months ago

    Liar you all are a small minority!! Nike stock closed yesterday at an all time high....;)

  • Lila Humphrlm 9 months ago

    Debra Womack wonk wonk

  • pipercat10 9 months ago

    Not watching the NFL and I never wear Nike shit period ! Gonna get a lot of stuff done on the house this fall ! Who needs the NFL ?

  • studybug2010 9 months ago

    Well you should be thanking Nike for at least being the cause of you finally getting up off your Az z then,...whats the problem?

  • Michael Eaddy 9 months ago

    Do you believe the flag represents equality for all or some? If you believe for some it justifies your prejudice. If you believe for all and cannot separate that Colin and others are taking a knee for the disparity how people of color are treated by one too many police officers and the unfair justice system toward blacks, then you are a straight up racist. Taking a knee has absolutely nothing to do with disrespecting veterans. Furthermore do you know about the original verse that has been edited...

  • Robert Vongartzen 9 months ago

    Im not spending thousands of dollars on NFL season tickets and air fare anymore, and Nike sport foot wear anymore and work out shirts, hell l already saved a ton on money, now I'm looking forward to more vacations, and now I've taking up baseball as my sport of choice.

  • Robert Vongartzen 9 months ago

    Br L You need to leave the United States Republic, your not a true American, a very pathetic individual, that needs to grow up, l bet the military won't take you, they don't take non American individuals, and your definitely one of them, weak, immature, and a typical soy boy, that will never accomplish any thing in life, be a real loser like Kaepernick, he might have 20 million.but he's still a loser, a non American, a pathetic pile of shit, a weak little man, w/his pile of shit girl friend, he and his...

  • Br L 9 months ago

    You need to be in psychiatric care - you are not well . ANd dont bother replying - YOU ARE ALL BLACKLISTED.

  • Phil Rion 9 months ago

    I do believe in something. I believe that Kaeperscum is a POS , and now so is Nike. Bennet and that other moron just joined the ranks !

  • Henry Jarrett 9 months ago

    @Rick Davis you're absolutely right they are he didn't break any laws all he did was stand up for what he believed to be right but but our president Trump can sexually assault, pay no taxes, give all the biggest tax cuts goes to his friends, have all his closest family and constituents lie for him, have a newspaper find and pay off all his accusers and if we call him wrong they try to get us with treason what a double standard.

  • Manuel G Chapa Jr 9 months ago

    When you have 10 nfl players kneeling and 80,000 Fans Booing! You do not have a Movement!!! Dr King had a Movement and had the American Flag at every March. And Started every rally with PRAYER!!! And we are all still MARCHING!!!

  • Greg Keener 9 months ago

    Suavae75 you my brother are a racist bigot and a sorry excuse for an American!!!! You don’t deserve to breathe our air bitch!!!!!

  • Greg Keener 9 months ago

    Manuel G Chapa Jr Dr. King would have torn Obama a new asshole for his views and setting race relations back to the 1960’s!!! We were getting so close to just being Americans until him and his wife started talking about the old slave days and he passed judgment in several situations without gathering the facts first!! His legacy is one of shame and hopelessness!!!MAY HE BURN IN HELL!!!

  • Seahawks Tom tom 9 months ago

    Kappernick is such a victim. The poor poor baby.

  • Iris Eddy 9 months ago


  • Winston Scott 8 months ago

    MrWarren2330 it is you are or you're not 'your' which is a possessive pronoun.

  • @ernie green they knew what was going to happen.