The Auction Corvette COMES TO LIFE w/New Turbo Setup! (Launch Control is Unreal)

  • Published on:  12/16/2018
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  • lucifur999
    lucifur999 8 months ago+289

    Brent brings a thousand smiles and 200 hi fives every where he goes... So rad...

  • Rafael Santos_7
    Rafael Santos_7 8 months ago+213

    16:28 Jeremy's priceless laugh had me in tears

    AC GARAGE 8 months ago+55

    There were 118 high fives in this video. Just saying

  • Craig McHatton
    Craig McHatton 8 months ago+23

    Hey man, Not sure if you get to read many of these or not. Just wanrted to say, I’m from Aus and new to the channel. Watched a lot of your vids, over the past couple of weeks. I guess I just wanted to sayy, I really enjoy watching yoy break down things like turbo, Nos and engines to a really basic level. Most of the time, mechenics looks like a really precise, almost clinical thing. Reality is the principles of a running engine arn’t. You guys as a team make it accessable to the people out there who want to know more but don’t know where to start. I have a backyard background in mechenics and its been a real pleasure to be a part of these builds. Give me a shout out if you think this resonates with you fans. Please please keep up the good wok and geat builds.

  • Internally Combusted
    Internally Combusted 8 months ago+18

    I sure hope you guys didn't look at the cam bearings. i'm sure they are bad. but since you didn't look at them. they will be fine

  • Tyler Cobb
    Tyler Cobb 8 months ago+204

    Can we give Brent the title for best overall car dude 2018? Always coming in clutch. Brent is the man!

  • Pedro Rodriguez III
    Pedro Rodriguez III 8 months ago+11

    I love the energy of your shop and the guys who've gravitated to you. You're everything right about being a car enthusiast. Keep up the good work McFarland!

  • Ryan Blosser
    Ryan Blosser 8 months ago+7

    This really makes me wanna turbo my 6.0 vortec 😂😂

  • IamUurk
    IamUurk 8 months ago+16

    The two best tuners in one video?! Love when boosted boiz visit yall

  • Lonzo Smith
    Lonzo Smith 8 months ago+3


  • That Onedude
    That Onedude 8 months ago+360

    Seeing Brent in the intro made me SO happy.
    Loving the collabs!

  • Mihail Petrovici
    Mihail Petrovici 8 months ago+54

    We need a movie about brent's life

  • Casey White
    Casey White 8 months ago+6

    Brent’s liter of cola comment over that damn cop radio had me dying. 😂

  • Tristen Versluis
    Tristen Versluis 8 months ago+4

    Brent and boosted boiz are just pure awesome people. Good company to have. Loved the vid!

  • Shannon Nichols
    Shannon Nichols 3 months ago+1

    Turn on subtitles then go to 26:02. For ONCE YouTube subtitles were dead-on accurate!

  • Ryan Manzi
    Ryan Manzi 8 months ago+254

    That’s a lot of awesome people in one garage.

  • S197_MAX
    S197_MAX 8 months ago+2

    Best car channel out here on YouTube these guys actually know what they’re doing

  • amber or tommy Bowling
    amber or tommy Bowling 8 months ago+1

    Hell yeah brother!!! PFI to da rescue, I "LOVE" this channel guys!!! Keep up the awesome content fam!!!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 8 months ago+1

    16:54 i cant tell if thats a GTO or a Monaro but damn😍, i have always wanted one of those🤤

  • SchassisboyZ
    SchassisboyZ 14 days ago

    Holy shit this collab is sickkk love boosted boys PLEASE do more lmao