The Cube Is Destroying Tilted Towers! // Fortnite: Battle Royale Gameplay



  • PastaFrog09
    PastaFrog09 11 months ago+5

    I’m sorry izzy I couldn’t finish the stream I have school today

    ACE YAME 11 months ago+3

    Is this confirmed

  • CxllMeBig Peen
    CxllMeBig Peen 11 months ago+3

    U should spend at least 1 hour playing the game

  • TTV.banana
    TTV.banana 11 months ago+4

    Nooo the stream ended

  • Crazy Kman Gaming
    Crazy Kman Gaming 11 months ago

    Hey there, great content, keep up the grind.

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 11 months ago+2


  • CharliBear
    CharliBear 11 months ago

    U,m did you actually stream for 10 hours

  • Light Counter
    Light Counter 11 months ago+1

    Izzy the cube is close to loot lake

  • Manuel Jr. C. Zafra
    Manuel Jr. C. Zafra 11 months ago+1

    everyone goes to tited towers but the cube is gonna destroy

  • Dracko53 Boyce
    Dracko53 Boyce 11 months ago

    I was there but fell asleep lol and he said it at the end lol

  • Oddemperor YT
    Oddemperor YT 11 months ago


  • I hate YouTube
    I hate YouTube 11 months ago

    no it did not it went to loot lake not titled weirdo and it the cube is gone in the lake

  • Here We Go Again
    Here We Go Again 11 months ago

    But it didn’t.

    JINTX 11 months ago

    6PM GMT Time (2 and Half Hours) the cube will do something. I’m calling it.

  • King Jumanji
    King Jumanji 11 months ago