Scottie Pippen says LaVar Ball isn't letting his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo develop | The Jump | ESPN

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
  • Scottie Pippen says LaVar Ball isn't letting his songs LiAngelo and LaMelo develop the way they need to before playing professional basketball.

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  • Theme Fresh
    Theme Fresh 7 months ago

    This Pipen doesn't know what he is talking about. In Soccer hundreds if players become pro at age 16. Lol if your family is supporting you like Lavar, you won't fail

  • Mister Perez
    Mister Perez 8 months ago

    News studios keep him relevant so he will keep doing dumb shit to get free publicity.

  • Stephen 1
    Stephen 1 9 months ago

    LaVar you can't live vicariously through your sons. Just because you didn't make crap out of your life. Your sons have and had more opportunities than most and you a screwing their lives up! So sad!!!

  • Diamante Williams
    Diamante Williams 9 months ago

    Regardless of Scotties personal life...his career was immaculate and continued to perform better than Jordan down the line...Lavar Ball is an joke who even knew he played ball.Zo is decent only time will tell but its too much attention with not enough to even back it

  • Howard Kline
    Howard Kline 9 months ago

    Maybe they want to get away from YOU.

  • Howard Kline
    Howard Kline 9 months ago

    They are not country bumpkins. If you don't like the Ball family then get off their tip.

  • rafael Rojas Sosa
    rafael Rojas Sosa 9 months ago

    A lot of hate for pippen lately why?maybe because he like lebron people are taking that shit too serious.

  • Christopher Chong
    Christopher Chong 9 months ago

    I swear if i hear scottie call lonzo "alonzo" one more time, im going to find him and shake his hand.

  • Åpöllö 14
    Åpöllö 14 9 months ago

    Did y'all read the bio "Lavar is not letting his "songs" develop"

  • Paul Kelley
    Paul Kelley 9 months ago

    Actually I don’t give a dam

  • Roland Schumacher
    Roland Schumacher 9 months ago+1

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  • Sorin Vasile Bogdan
    Sorin Vasile Bogdan 9 months ago

    Scottie keeps saying Alonzo :)) damn, somebody whisper in his ear

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 9 months ago

    Top 10 players of all time:
    1. The White Mamba
    2. China Klay
    3. One Shoe Durant
    4. Masked Lebron
    5. Untucked Kyrie
    6. Flu Jordan
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    8. Gang Sign John Wall
    9. GOAT Bennet
    10. Hoodie Melo

  • Rasta Henkie
    Rasta Henkie 9 months ago

    Everyone in the EU under 30 speaks English and most teams even got American players on them. Lavar is making thinks difficult for his children but IF they are NBA lv talent this road will be better for them.

  • Donald Goines
    Donald Goines 9 months ago

    Lavar ball needs braces 😬

  • Siddy king
    Siddy king 9 months ago

    Their talents is what the cameras caught..... if they wasn't talented the #media wouldn't cover it.....

  • ryan T
    ryan T 9 months ago

    Pippen called Li Angelo la Mello and he called Lonzo Alonzo. Get yo stuff together man

  • Oval Games
    Oval Games 9 months ago

    0:18-0:26 I’m pretty sure he meant to say *liangelo

  • Cesar Martinez
    Cesar Martinez 9 months ago

    Dumbass pippen said for the lamelo I think it was a good deal, but for the younger one it doesn’t let him develop 😂😂😂

  • Rasheed Bailey
    Rasheed Bailey 9 months ago

    Scottie Pippen vs Name Pronunciations