Answering Your Questions! Our Bachelor / Bachelorette Experience



  • Erin B 4 months ago

    y’all should do a video reacting to clips of you two from the show!! Love y’all 💕💕

  • Victoria Dammarell 4 months ago

    Orientation spa paper

  • bjettiejett 4 months ago

    Or you guys need to re-enact the scenes from your season.That would be hilarious also!

  • Michelle Leos 4 months ago

    Jojo you resemble actress Isla Fisher.

  • Amanda Speth 4 months ago

    Literally how is your hair sooo perfect? Do you use a shine product or something? Please tell

  • Al Wa 4 hours ago

    Which one?

  • Kaylin Kreikemeier 4 months ago

    Amanda Speth she takes those sugarbear vitamins

  • recklesspjrn 4 months ago

    For the next Q&A video: Jordan, do you think you were edited fairly on the show? Do you think the show's editing favoured other guys and/or made your connection with JoJo look more physical/not so deep?

  • Haley Barton 4 months ago

    recklesspjrn Yea such a good idea!!

  • ariel alena 4 months ago

    *you two are my favorite bachelor couple 😂😍*

  • Autumn Paynton 4 months ago


  • coco chanel 4 months ago

    I literally was about to say the same thing x

  • Kaylie Leib 4 months ago

    I think Colton has done all the bases besides sex, he seems like that type of guy.

  • Kaylie Leib I bet he’s great at eating vagina

  • Mrs Moto 4 months ago

    Kaylie Leib welllllll yes? A virgin literally means has not had vaginal penetrative sex lol

  • julesinlife 4 months ago

    Jojo, that hair color tho. Gorgeous!

  • lynn williams 4 months ago

    @Engaged with JoJo & Jordan what do you ask for when you get your hair colored?? please

  • Aw thanks girl! 💕

  • Jenn Hoff 4 months ago

    Oh, those are rookie questions. :) My friend and I always debate.... obviously the producers make up the dates and everything that happens. But do you get to decide who goes on the dates? Obviously the producers choosing the ones who have a fear of height for the bungee jumping. But do you say, like, "I like these 8 guys, put them on the one-on-ones?"

  • Cassidy Amell 4 months ago

    yes yessss

  • Christina Noon 4 months ago

    Love the blue!! Also, the added Oreo footage was hysterical!

  • Lol thanks love!

  • Sarah Morley 4 months ago

    Ah love you guys, from the UK xxx