The Old Spice Foam Zone LIVE Day 2 | Old Spice

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Welcome to the Old Spice Foam Zone! A live two-day NFL-themed obstacle-course game show–type live show on September 17th and 18th! Twenty-four contestants armed with nothing but their moxie, mettle, guile, and other old words must navigate their way through our perilous foam-covered course, past merciless guards and footbally traps on their way to the ultimate prize: being champion of THE FOAM ZONE!Shop Old Spice Foamer:


    HENRY THE RC CAR 11 months ago+133

    What the hell is this... 🤨

  • Sirius Blank
    Sirius Blank 10 months ago+26

    This video would’ve been better if it was Terry Crews just yelling about old spice for 6 hours.

  • Anicia Leon
    Anicia Leon 11 months ago+59

    What did I just walk into 0-0

  • Cd Cd
    Cd Cd 11 months ago+58

    Why is this trending?

  • Zach
    Zach 11 months ago+40

    Currently refreshing the page looking for other people that are just as confused as me

  • Tywire72
    Tywire72 11 months ago+15

    I'm just as confused as intrigued by watching this🤔 Good play Old Spice.

  • TaitNBake
    TaitNBake 11 months ago+44

    This was probably the most cringy and terrible live show i've seen. lmaoo Still made me laugh.

  • Jordan Cortes
    Jordan Cortes 10 months ago+6

    When you have 6:17:25 of nothing else to watch 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jason Frick
    Jason Frick 11 months ago+15

    Legends of the Hidden Temple 2.0 😂

  • cmon yeba
    cmon yeba 11 months ago+12

    What have I just stumbled upon....
    the trending page continues to amaze me

  • NilesYT
    NilesYT 11 months ago+6

    I'm sorry I missed this. Spice won for sure.

  • Michael Rawlings
    Michael Rawlings 10 months ago+3

    Everyone in the comment section is just mad they didn’t make it past the first challenge in the Foam Zone

  • Erick Alvarez
    Erick Alvarez 11 months ago+3

    This is great

  • Daniel Wareham
    Daniel Wareham 10 months ago+3

    This reminds me of legends of the hidden temple.

  • Le reddit silver member
    Le reddit silver member 11 months ago+9

    Why are people so confused about this. It was live and people vote on what happens.

  • SpikeyArmidillos
    SpikeyArmidillos 10 months ago+1

    Is that spice adams if so NOOOO i love u spice please dont be associated with this trash

  • AndyXGamer
    AndyXGamer 10 months ago+1

    I can smell the swagger through my phone

  • I have some videos
    I have some videos 10 months ago+1

    How tf is this #25 on trending and because I clicked this to comment this it will be trending longer

  • TheAmazingCow
    TheAmazingCow 11 months ago+3


    REBEL X MEDIA 10 months ago

    Love the Announcers Don’t change em... #TheSpice#DivaDillon#TRex
    Better Obstacle Course Next Time Plz