I have a confession.

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Mythical beasts... I have a confession to make... and it's that today's game involved Link trying to see if he can predict the deepest darkest secrets other YouTubers are willing to put out on the internet. GMM #1380

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  • Colleen Ballinger (Sep 17, 2018)

    Bacon is trash.

  • Dwayne King (Feb 23, 2019)

    I like bacon

  • Rosanna Redman (Feb 13, 2019)

    Omg my twin

  • Did we low-key get clickbaited

  • Emily Taylor (Mar 10, 2019)

    I think we low key got clickbaited

  • 브리타니Brittany (Dec 25, 2018)

    No cause he did tell us a confession.

  • Chugchug Playz (Sep 18, 2018)

    Did anyone else think one of them was going to be gay...... just me ok

  • Wanduvial (Mar 9, 2019)

    they are married to women

  • Chloe Gravitt (Mar 7, 2019)

    no... bc they're married to women.

  • Spawnpeek Run (Sep 22, 2018)

    Rhett’s confession on Instagram is that he actually loves Liver and doesn’t really hate it.You’re welcome

  • Maj. Problem (Jan 8, 2019)


  • Ever curious: Michelle (Dec 13, 2018)

    Thank you! I didn't want to have to deep dive through his instagram to find out!

  • Klorgbane (Sep 18, 2018)

    My mom walked in when when Rhett said "I've had pig anus in my mouth"

  • Emily (Oct 23, 2018)

    My sister walked in when Rhett was doing a really weird laugh

  • Bl00berry Squad Official (Sep 25, 2018)

    What happened afterwords?

  • Jamie.Photo (Sep 17, 2018)

    “I use my American accent to make the rest of the world hate me” Sammmeee😂

  • ämbîtīøñ gg (Sep 18, 2018)

    +Jamie.Photo I'v𝗲 spеnt *5 dаys, 12 hours and 19 m1nut𝐞s* 0n YOuTub𝐞 s𝒊nc𝐞 24.6.2018! Ch𝗲ck your st𝛂ts: rcuk.viewr.stream

  • Sandor Kovacs (Sep 18, 2018)

    +Jamie.Photo I'vе sp𝗲nt *2 dаys, 15 hᴏurs 𝛂nd 47 m𝗶nut𝗲s* оn YоuTube s𝗶ncе 26.4.2018! Ch𝗲ck yоur st𝖺ts: xsdh.viewr.stream

  • MelonCupcakes (Sep 17, 2018)

    I have a confession to makeI fell for the clickbait

  • The Spy149 (Sep 17, 2018)

    MelonCupcakes it’s not clickbait, while yes, they lied about Rhett’s confession, they didn’t lie about Rhett posting it to whatever site they said

  • One S (Sep 17, 2018)

    Same yo.. now theyre trending because of it lol

  • Kaitlyn J. (Sep 18, 2018)

    Colleen: i hate bacon.Rub some bacon on it Colleen 👍

  • The Ultimate Geek (Feb 18, 2019)

    🎵 Rub Some Bacon On It 🎵

  • Olivia oney (Dec 18, 2018)


  • Neockwon (Sep 17, 2018)

    8:42New: Rhett Being an Angry Boi

  • littleratblue (Nov 4, 2018)

    That was the most Rhett moment in the whole of GMM history.

  • ZeSuGames - Fortnite (Sep 18, 2018)

    📂 Youtube └📁 Comments └📁 Originality └⚠️ This folder is empty..

  • Subscribe to pewdiepie (Nov 7, 2018)

    I am first to dislike my own comment

  • Blob Fish (Oct 25, 2018)

    ZeSuGames - Fortnite well obviously you are part of that no originality in the comments