I have a confession.



  • Colleen Ballinger
    Colleen Ballinger 2 months ago+13621

    Bacon is trash.

  • Papa Xan
    Papa Xan 14 hours ago


  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter 4 days ago

    Its really wierd that Link is actually called Charles Lincoln Neal,III

  • Danishta Reddy
    Danishta Reddy 6 days ago

    I wanted it so bad to be comedy video and it is... i love Rhett and Link so much

  • Blub Blubz
    Blub Blubz 7 days ago

    I-I....I don’t like bacon...

  • Little Meat
    Little Meat 8 days ago

    When D. Was slit the throats of a pig for the rush I died it was so funny

  • Matthew Huang
    Matthew Huang 8 days ago

    This technically isn't clickbait, because they actually did confess something

  • Corbin Colvin
    Corbin Colvin 10 days ago

    Rhett monologue was awesome actually

  • The Skylan Show
    The Skylan Show 10 days ago

    I was looking for a furry episode of GMM (I am one) then I came across this..

  • Matthew Music
    Matthew Music 15 days ago

    0:57 PLEASE
    *please do a song using does notes! It sounded soooo good!*

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes 16 days ago

    is party animal just another word for slut? or am i missing something

  • _airx_
    _airx_ 16 days ago

    I squeegee myself too!

  • JMAN
    JMAN 16 days ago+1

    I thought I was the only person that squeegee'd themselves off with their hands so the towel doesn't get as wet.

  • senak risthfon
    senak risthfon 20 days ago

    I do the squeegee thing

  • SweetenedSugar
    SweetenedSugar 21 days ago

    Bacon should die. Oh wait...

  • colin_in_the_hall
    colin_in_the_hall 21 days ago+1

    8:51 I think you mean *panus*

  • Samantha Hayward-Brown

    we still love you Rhett, despite your American accent

  • Andrea Vlogs
    Andrea Vlogs 22 days ago

    I also hate bacon it's so gross😤

  • Lay Chip
    Lay Chip 23 days ago

    It’s not technically click bait

  • Ceci Kittens
    Ceci Kittens 24 days ago

    I hate bacen too😐