Megan Thee Stallion - Hot Girl Summer ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign

  • Published on:  8/8/2019
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  • harajuku barbie
    harajuku barbie 2 days ago+1000

    Hot Girl Summer(#11)
    Good job barbz and hotties💫💕
    coming for top 5

  • Jaheem Wilson
    Jaheem Wilson 2 days ago+785

    Who's ready for the music video? Coming sometime....... This week?

  • kgabo kgabo
    kgabo kgabo 2 days ago+482

    megan is that girl...............nicki the muhphaken GOAT....TY killed literally murdered the chorus

  • Queen_Niya
    Queen_Niya 2 days ago+215

    who's not having a hot girl summer but still listening lol :)

  • Rosalind Verde
    Rosalind Verde 14 days ago+2443

    She makes going to school! Losing BOTH parents! Handling keeping the peace in this industry! And going on tour look easy!

  • amirah zoë
    amirah zoë 5 days ago+1866

    They’re riding a bottle of henny. That really is a hot girl summer.

  • Tallboy 257
    Tallboy 257 2 days ago+345

    Let’s make this a #1 billboard hit it’s already #11

  • That's Just Junior
    That's Just Junior 2 days ago+55


  • mesi meee
    mesi meee 3 days ago+808

    Debuted at 11 on billboard keep streaming guys 🔥
    Edit: I did not expect this to blow up thanks y’all hopefully the video drops soon.

  • Victoria Frasure
    Victoria Frasure 7 days ago+2341

    I love how Nicki mentioned Meg getting her degree 🥰 Now that's real hot girl shit 🦄🐎❤

  • harold altagracia
    harold altagracia 3 days ago+783

    Nicki's vocals at the end really gave it the final touch 😭🔥🔥🔥

    CBWAVY 4 days ago+122

    Nicki has been putting in work this summer

  • Mythic Boi
    Mythic Boi 2 days ago+243

    13 million views for just a cover 😌🤭 we did that barbs n hotties
    Edit: 17 million now about to hit 18 million wtffff . Just wait till the vid drops anyway keep streamin let's get this top ten we are at #11 on billboard.

  • Savannah loves ya
    Savannah loves ya  2 days ago+33

    Megan chose the right people for this song 👌 💯💯

  • Delainey F.
    Delainey F. 7 days ago+3715

    She stay making these twerk songs known damn well our knees ain’t good🤦🏾‍♀️

  • malcolm King
    malcolm King 3 days ago+147

    Lets keep streaming this song doing very well lets keep on charting and lets not forget to vote for Hot girl summer for "BEST POWER ANTHEM " at the VMAS🐐🐐🦄🦄🐴🐴💰💰

  • The ASMR Jess
    The ASMR Jess 3 days ago+61

    U ain't put me in no brands , but i see u prada me 🙅🔥👑 . ! - Nicki👑✨!

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 3 days ago+24

    8million view hmmm something wrong Nicki has a whole fan bass and so does Megan what the tea YouTube

  • malcolm King
    malcolm King 3 days ago+72

    Hope vid dropping next week or so We need a top 5 on billboard who with me📱💻📱💻💻

  • Elzy Arnold
    Elzy Arnold 7 days ago+2949

    Nicki Minaj found her long-lost little sis!!💖💖