Access To The Net Changes Tomorrow Night

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
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  • melodie hill
    melodie hill 9 months ago+1

    Puff the "Magic" Dragons need to go through every wretched, horrifying, evil atrocity they have caused humans. And fuck the USA government for making a deal with them...keep sending us people to eat and we will give you all higher technologies to your hearts desire. Frucking douche bags

  • JCU
    JCU 9 months ago

    It’s true. The angelic league lures them in.. sets them up... listens to those in charge response. These ones are being removed now. The more that you lure near you, the more they will burn. The closer they see they are the more they attempt to fight simple Fibonacci code order. To half wits who don’t understand, don’t have their connection to source fields anymore, they;l never get it. They grow more angry and angry in failed attempt to tell everyone that there’s no consequences, that god doesn’t exist. They are in preschool argument level thought process now in panic. They can only come up with reporters on the news like that one on hannity a few nights ago talking about how Clinton, the woman she’s been arguing for now for years, was removed Friday and so we don’t have to talk about her anymore she says in one sentence. The next sentence she tells us we cannot question the truth of a woman because they are woman. Yeah. So... there was no bonny in Bonny and Clyde. There is no such thing as a nurse rat shit. Woman’s prisons don’t exist and there is no such thing as a woman raping their kids for cash in history yet. Uhhhhh. That bitch better check her freaking herstory lessons then, because the corrupt woman so called leader dictators in history herstory have always been the most cold callous heinous empty minded as far as morality goes, in existence. Broken worse than the men they are when they turn nurse rat shit. That’s when they try to sell arguments such as pre kindergarten levels of thought as legitimate excuses telling us on our snooze that we cannot question a woman’s truth cause she’s got a vadge badge. Huh? What grade did you graduate from and when is your entrance into kindergarten mam? Say what? It’s that easy huh? I wonder if that’s why certain presidents wives were men who became woman? For that preschool failed argument? Probably. The rogue alphabet agency groups that did all this back in the 60;s killing my father John Kennedy and my uncle just never imagined they’d get caught. Never bothered to come up with any valid excuses. There are simply none. And people are wiser than the ones who hacked their way in from dumber dimensions through murder and rape, okay george? You and that heffer are history as well are your duhhh-emocrat puppets. Your heffer so called wife, that ugly thing, has been recorded numerous times. We all know what it is... your uhhhhh....wife. The first...., *&%#@... sorry, I just vomited.

  • Terri Heilman-Keck
    Terri Heilman-Keck 9 months ago

    Residents are showing videos of blue lasers beams from aircraft shooting homes and burst in flames

  • Terri Heilman-Keck
    Terri Heilman-Keck 9 months ago

    Is California and Hawii under Imminent Domaine to China..not paying debts? If so they just might destroy and buy property back at 10-20 cents on the dollar.

  • Lee Simonds
    Lee Simonds 9 months ago

    Sorry Mount but I call bullshit on the chemtrail‘s. I’ve been a flight attendant for 16 years. I’ve flown out of LA countless times. Everyone in aviation knows that when you land you fly against the wind. When we land we go out into the ocean back into land.

  • mztwixed
    mztwixed 9 months ago

    Love the comments on this thread. I always read them.

  • In the World
    In the World 9 months ago

    Hopefully, this will lead to people actually meat up in the real world where the real actions can be taken...

  • Jude Linsell
    Jude Linsell 9 months ago

    I signed up for virtual shield. Iv had no trolls since .

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    So Bill, where is your *NO FOOD DELIVERIES, PLAN NOW?* It's the Middle of the Month and deliveries of goods is Up! I know! I live next to the second busiest railroad track in the nation, The "P" Line of *BNSF RAILROAD* in Arizona! Some of your Sources *ARE FAULTY!* If you keep putting out *FAKE NEWS, I'M GOING TO UNSUBSCRIBE!*

  • Gunnz Akimbo
    Gunnz Akimbo 9 months ago

    attacking truth is the same as throwing dust into the wind.

  • Avis Swope
    Avis Swope 9 months ago


  • Kirsten Kellogg
    Kirsten Kellogg 9 months ago

    William Mount ... you and Jordan Slather, within a month of each other, both do a promo video focusing on the "benefits" of VirtualShield. Why don't you guys just tell everyone you like the product and people can join your down line? .... AdBlock stops ads, too, and it's free. ... Benjamin Fulford is discreditable source ... he is completely insane saying that "homes of pedophiles" are the ones being "targeted" in California ... so what about ALL THE PEOPLE who are NOT the criminals and who have lost their homes? People those of us know personally? For example, EVERYONE who owns property along Route150 in Santa Paula, CA where it burned is a pedophile? RIDICULOUS.

  • Justine DeVoe
    Justine DeVoe 9 months ago

    We had some snow last night in Ohio.... tell me... How does snow “melt” when the temp is 25 degrees and feels like 16 degrees? It is melting.... 🤔

  • kyrn sword
    kyrn sword 9 months ago

    It isn't NASA it's multi-national Air Force under NATO.

  • T K
    T K 9 months ago

    you're a good fella William,keep it up

  • Eric Ride
    Eric Ride 9 months ago

    A ? Dr Mount. How do you see the reaction escalating here in the US in response to the awesome announcement by Pres Trump about Jerusalem?

  • Eric Ride
    Eric Ride 9 months ago

    It's beginning to feel alot like a Martial Law New Yr :>{

  • Nightdog1978
    Nightdog1978 9 months ago

    Do you think our former president may be behind these fires? The deep state may be using DEW's to start them. Sure makes sense to me!

  • Nightdog1978
    Nightdog1978 9 months ago+1

    I used Virtual Shield for awhile but it slowed me down so much I stopped it. I think it is a very good thing for you sir, I just don't post enough videos with substance other than my music vids so I'll take my chances for now!