10 Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made On The Beach!

  • Published on:  5/24/2020
  • From mysterious sea monsters full of teeth to lost cargo found, here are 10 of the strangest things found on the beach!

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    10. Mysterious Skeleton
    When Storm Ciara hit the UK with 90 mph winds, the remains of a mysterious creature were later found on the beach. In February of 2020, local beachgoers in Aberdeen, Scotland, were shocked to see the enormous, long spine of some strange beast. But what was it? What did this rotting carcass belong to?

    9. Innkeeper Worms
    In December of 2019, residents in California didn’t know what to think when a local beach became covered in these creatures, which have more than a passing similarity to a certain body part. Tens of thousands of them appeared on the sand at Drakes beach, which is about 50 miles north from San Francisco, and other local wildlife had already moved in to feed on them.

    8. Grand Piano
    In 2014, images began circulating on social media of a surprising find that had been made on the sandy shore on the Manhattan side of Brooklyn Bridge… a grand piano.

    7. Toothed Monster
    Mexican beachgoers in 2018 were in for the fright of their life when this monster washed up on shore, and still no one’s certain what it actually is. It was found in the sand of Mazatlan in western Mexico and was about 30 inches long. The woman who found it had just walked out of the water, and at first mistook it for a long piece of rope.

    6. Giant Monster
    An image of a large grayish blob on the beach circulated online a few years ago, and people are still unsure about its true identity. The origin and details behind the creature are scarce, too, but what we do know is that this appears to be a rocky beach in South America and that the mysterious monster washed up overnight during a storm.

    5. Beaked Creature
    In the summer of 2015, a local hiker found this strange sight on a beach on Sakhalin island in Russia. This place is so remote that it’s actually closer to the US than it is to Moscow, so it took quite some time before researchers could arrive to try and understand what it is.

    4. Huge Pipes
    In 2015, a jogger was taking his morning run along a beach in Norfolk, England, when he saw something that he couldn’t make sense of. When he got up close to it, it became clear that this was a plastic pipe, but it was absolutely huge… and wasn’t the only one. In total there were 12 of these 8 foot wide and 1,500 foot long objects, but with no building sites in the area, it wasn't clear where they could have possibly come from.

    3. Unknown Creature
    Scotland has its fair share of fabled monsters, so whenever something strange washes up on the beaches it’s almost always compared to the Loch Ness Monster. This one, however, certainly looked like it could be a small version of the legendary cryptid, and was found near the Bridge of Don in Aberdeen.

    2. Ice Spheres
    The oceans are home to countless strange occurrences, but the beaches around lakes also have their fair share of mysteries too. In 2013, hundreds of giant spheres of ice were found washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan, with some weighing as much as 50 pounds.

    1. Barnacle Monster
    Just imagine walking along a beach and finding something like this lying in the sand. It was found in 2016 on Muriwai beach in Auckland, New Zealand, and it was unlike anything that locals had seen before. Dubbed the ‘Muriwai Monster', one eyewitness said that its putrid smell was being blown downwind, and as you got close to it, it looks like it was covered in wiggling worms.