CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Mexico would pay for wall

  • Published on:  1/4/2019
  • CNN's Kaitlan Collins presses President Trump on his promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall on the US-Mexico border.


  • Giorgi Kukulava
    Giorgi Kukulava 5 minutes ago

    This is the greatest man America has ever had as President

  • Heather Lee
    Heather Lee 11 minutes ago

    I fucking hate this president. HATE.

  • ShadowGreninja
    ShadowGreninja 30 minutes ago

    Great Grammar

  • Yahs Way
    Yahs Way 50 minutes ago

    I don't care if he believes this crap or not.. this is entertainment at it's finest!

  • Ashton Greschner
    Ashton Greschner an hour ago

    All these heated dems in here😂😂 I’m cracking up. He’s your president and he’s going to be for another 6 years I would sit down and get comfy.

  • Thadeus Kushington
    Thadeus Kushington an hour ago

    Steel is stronger than concrete...ok😂😂😂

  • agst wangnao
    agst wangnao an hour ago

    How did American elect this guys as President still baffles me. How did you guys let it happen?😅😅😅 It's a national joke, literally and a great material for standup comedians.

  • Las Vegas Isshinryu Kong Soo Do Karate Team

    Its getting a little spooky out here lately.

  • Carl Dietz
    Carl Dietz 2 hours ago

    I have a pet rock in my garden that's smarter than he is!!!

  • Shomo Shama
    Shomo Shama 2 hours ago

    To be honest this Man Here knows how to make money ,I am A Muslim ,and I support him. He haven’t done any Harm to anybody (That we know Off)
    He is Still a president. He has to guide people of what he see fit ,But he’s a business man ,All he talks about is Money money money. He spoke about people Who steals,Hurt other people from Mexican or Muslims ,In the beginning it was different but he admit his Mistake.
    he still talks money ,Went to Saudi Arabia and Made money For our country (USA) and came back and said They Are Nice People .
    But border is Needed because the crime rate is a lot . So he said only the nice people allowed Legally,I mean no one should be in his Neighbor house without being welcome ,Get a visa! Simple right?
    Or get married or have a business,This Is how it is In the whole world. People wants to feel safe .
    By the way I Love mexico Also Because Every where in the world there is good people and bad people.
    But do you think his wealth will be divided on The US citizen (Americans) each will have a million lol

  • Demonica Mitchell
    Demonica Mitchell 3 hours ago

    3:52 did he just say China looks at drugs as commercial product

  • Deandra Walker
    Deandra Walker 3 hours ago

    I hate this mf 😭😭😭 he just kept cutting ppl off , getting loud and saying billions and billions of dollars

  • Yahye apdikadir Ahmed

    Trump says shut down not really speak couse not important people in U.S. and safety

  • Jay Robb
    Jay Robb 4 hours ago

    People can say what they want Trump is a business genius. Sob just made big business wealthy. Like it or not he doing another 4yrs bcuz of the electoral college vote.

  • Jake Marcoux
    Jake Marcoux 4 hours ago

    i'm not american but holy shit, he's like a child if you dont fund my wall I'll keep the government shutdown. Impeachment? I think right about now would be good

  • FranSing Montaño
    FranSing Montaño 5 hours ago

    Does he ever answer that question 🤔

  • Chito Rashaad
    Chito Rashaad 5 hours ago

    Goat for president

  • Rylee Kelly
    Rylee Kelly 5 hours ago

    If the wall has the be see through, then why do we need a wall?

  • Frank Harrod
    Frank Harrod 5 hours ago

    Fake Businessman, Fake President, Fake Man

  • Rylee Kelly
    Rylee Kelly 5 hours ago

    I’m sorry, but the people who are not getting paid, won’t get their federal loans, can’t buy groceries or pay their rent and are working without pay are HAPPY TO DO SO FOR STRONGER BOARDER SECURITY?? Our boarder security is fine!! The problem isn’t immigration by car or foot, it’s by plane or boat. Most of the drugs come from LEGAL entrances.