MGMT - When You Die

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
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    Directors: Mike Burakoff & Hallie Cooper-Novack
    VFX Supervisor: Jamie Dutcher
    Starring: Alex Karpovsky & Lucy Kaminsky
    Producers: Lucia Pier & Jamie Dutcher
    Executive Producers: Adam Kurland & Matt Wyatt
    DP: Steven Breckon
    Editor: Max Goldblatt
    Logo Design: Benjy Brooke
    Production Companies: King Drippa + Daughter & Sons


  • Mike Hernanadez
    Mike Hernanadez 3 hours ago

    Saquen los ácidos LSD!!!!!!

    FALCORTON 3 hours ago

    Why are you laughing with me when I die? I don’t get it

  • The Little Dark One
    The Little Dark One 7 hours ago

    Imagine watching this on lsd

  • System 32
    System 32 7 hours ago

    I hate when that happens

  • CharlesHurse
    CharlesHurse 7 hours ago

    I feel inducted into a mystery cult and then killed again.

  • Arctic Frost
    Arctic Frost 8 hours ago

    I just watched this when I was high and it seemed normal

  • Swarley ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I was on edibles the first time i watched it. It fucked my mind.

  • Alex The Killer
    Alex The Killer 22 hours ago

    DMT ?

  • cody allan
    cody allan 23 hours ago

    We'll all be laughing when you die

  • xd chaweman
    xd chaweman yesterday


  • Stay Metal503
    Stay Metal503 yesterday

    Insanely accurate visuals

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar yesterday

    Why does every misfit watching 'bags here have an anime profile pic. Go fuck yourselves !

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds yesterday

    The visuals jesus christ. Brb, never animating or editing again; I give up.

  • manu dupont
    manu dupont yesterday

    Requiem for a dream puissance 1000!

  • manu dupont
    manu dupont yesterday

    La mort n'est pas un bad trip. Elle a un goût de fer et de cendres. Terrible la scène de chirurgie à cœur ouvert

  • Code Elite
    Code Elite yesterday+1


  • Soup Spoon
    Soup Spoon yesterday

    *slightly uncomfortable*

  • asonantica
    asonantica 2 days ago

    Sonidos compartidos con A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Genial

  • Denizen_42 Deniz
    Denizen_42 Deniz 2 days ago

    I’ve been hurt a lot. Now I don’t care much if I rejected, dumped, cheated on. This is about stopping your mind from thinking you’re inferior to others and that you should just continue living. Suicides a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  • C. Ruiz
    C. Ruiz 2 days ago

    I watched this so mf high, can you imagine the trip that im having? 🤯 bro