How to Dye Polyester Fabric | Tub Dye Technique | iDye Poly and Rit Dymore

  • Published on:  9/22/2020
  • I love to upcycle. This means I do use polyester fabric. I had some poly bridal satin i wanted to rescue from the garbage. It came from a smoking house and the smell was not coming out. Dye pot to save the day!

    I am using iDye Poly in this video. I highly recommend Rit Dyemore Synthetic as well!

    00:00 Intro
    00:12 Talking about polyester fabric and dye
    00:53 Prepping the fabric
    02:19 The dye process
    07:54 Finishing up and the final result
    09:36 Final thoughts and summary

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