CBSE Class 4 Poem Donkey Question Answers | Poem Donkey Questions

  • Published on:  12/28/2015
  • CBSE Class 4 Poem Donkey Question Answers | Poem Donkey Questions. Class iv poem donkey

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    Question and answers

    Another word for wallop is beat. Would the
    child hit the donkey?

    No. The poet says that although the child will get angry, it will not hit the animal. The following lines suggest this –

    “Would I wallop him?
    No, no, no.”

    What would the child give the donkey?
    The child would give the donkey some hay ( dry grass) and corn to eat.

    Although the child will get angry at the donkey, she will not hit it. Do you know why?
    I think that the child will not beat the donkey because she feels that a kind behavior is better that violence. Animals also can feel and so it will behave better if she deals with it kindly and gently.(Children, have you seen people hitting animals? What do you think about such people? You should never hit an animal).

    Practice exercises

    Read the word ‘stable’. Where can we find a stable?
    A stable is a building where farm animals live.
    We can find a stable in –
    • farms.
    • agricultural shows.
    • race course.
    Name all the animals that live in a stable.
    (some animals which we can find in a stable are)
    • horses
    • cows
    • goats
    • sheep

    Make two words from ‘stable’ by removing letters from the beginning.

    stable - table

    stable - able

    Write a paragraph about your pet or an animal you love.

    (Students, you can write about your favourite animal. Here, I have a passage for you )

    My favourite animal, The Lion

    Lion is my favourite animal. It is called “the king of the jungle” because it is a noble animal and does not kill unless it is hungry. It is very strong and looks big and magnificent. The male lion has a shiny fur mane around its face and neck. It helps the animal to hide behind the tall grass in the jungle. Lions never run away unless badly hurt or chased by hunters. It has extremely sharp teeth and claws so it can kill and eat animals easily. It can run fast without slipping, climb trees, twist and turn quickly but for a short time and then gets tired after making an attack. Its loud silencing roar puts fear in the eyes of it’s prey. Lions live near water bodies like streams and rivers. They live in the zoo and can also be found in The Gir National Park.

    Let us find words which rhyme with these words from the poem (write them with red colour)

    corn born
    donkey monkey
    wallop gallop
    hay say
    best rest
    ever never
    him swim
    had bad

    Let us read the following and answer the questions that follow-

    The Cruel Boy
    The monkey is in a cage.
    A boy looks at the monkey.
    He gives it a sweet.
    The monkey opens the paper.
    There is a stone inside.
    The poor monkey is sad.
    Cruel boy!

    Are these sentences Right (r ) or Wrong (w )?

    1. The monkey is in the forest. w
    2. The boy gives the monkey a stone. r
    3. The monkey thinks it is a sweet. r
    4. The monkey likes sweets. r
    5. The monkey is sad. r