$195 Mac 'N' Cheese vs. Homemade

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
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  • 55 44
    55 44 18 days ago

    I love Steven shirt, what is it called?

  • saaoan iqbal
    saaoan iqbal 1 months ago

    I thought that it was a Buzzfeed video

  • Your Sweet Cheeks
    Your Sweet Cheeks 1 months ago

    That 195 Mac n Cheese is sooooo extra and those lobster tails looks like alien limbs.

  • pro butt groper
    pro butt groper 2 months ago

    dang buzzfeed reusing videos these days bc they dont have the 4 idiots anymore to make money

  • Wang Cat
    Wang Cat 2 months ago

    i just realized their outfits match their hair 😂😂😂

  • Cerdas Menawan
    Cerdas Menawan 2 months ago

    Tasty producer: Which one would you try?
    Me: The $195 one as long as it is free

  • Sabrina Garcia Piva
    Sabrina Garcia Piva 2 months ago

    Ho sacrilège !

  • chillaxlatifa .z
    chillaxlatifa .z 3 months ago

    I would eat none since I don’t like lobster but if my life depended on it Homeade all the way

  • Aqiel Amsyar
    Aqiel Amsyar 3 months ago

    search “nobiggietv mac and cheese” the price is $120

  • Adnan The octoling
    Adnan The octoling 3 months ago

    Fancy'n cheese

  • Connie Lubinski
    Connie Lubinski 3 months ago

    homemade obvi . . . I'm still too broke to afford the other especially because of the flight ticket to pay to get to the restaurant too outside of just the base cost for the pricey mac and cheese

  • End0rphin
    End0rphin 3 months ago

    The homemade one looks too dry and clumpy for my taste

  • Alessia Dionisi
    Alessia Dionisi 3 months ago

    I thought they'd at least do a taste test at the end lol

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 3 months ago

    guys Im pretty sure the restaurant did NOT make a roux (use flour) for the cheese sauce. it creates the wrong texture.
    also roux/ beschamel is old fashioned and outdated. most chefs have abandoned those methods for more modern thickening methods.

  • Miguel Riesco
    Miguel Riesco  4 months ago

    This is only possible in the US

  • Weird Rose
    Weird Rose 4 months ago

    is this their new segment?

  • Ishika Mishra
    Ishika Mishra 4 months ago

    I would try the second Mac n cheese only if I was a non vegetarian

  • vanda rosehaven
    vanda rosehaven 4 months ago

    Lobster N' chese

  • Mani's WorldFood
    Mani's WorldFood 4 months ago


  • You just got V E C T O R E D

    It’s only that expensive because they throw the lobster in there 😐