Top 5 Disney World Hotels for Food!

  • Published on:  12/11/2017
  • When choosing your Disney World hotel, food quality and restaurants should always be a factor! While most Disney World resorts have some decent food within walking distance, there are a few that are DESTINATIONS for eats.

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  • Vicki Pierce
    Vicki Pierce 6 days ago

    Regarding Artist Point, it's on the chopping block to be replaced with a Snow White themed character dining restaurant.

  • FWL 88
    FWL 88 10 days ago+1

    Poly is number 1

  • Margaret D
    Margaret D 2 months ago

    Love ALL the food at Boma! Love the expanded bread service at Sanaa. And loved the fish at Jiko. For me, the best restaurant is Boma - and the best service. We were just at Jiko this week and got charged for a bread service that we never ordered or received. Also, our waiter didn't give us our Annual Passholder discount for all of our meal [I sure can't figure that out.] Guess it was my fault for not checking the bill closer, but we were in a hurry and I just trusted our waiter because I've never had a problem before. Oh well.
    My suggestion: Go for the bread service (get all of the condiments - it's only $2 more, I think) at Sanaa as your appetizer, then go to Boma for dinner! You'll see the animals roaming around, eat that fabulous naan with all of those tasty toppings - I think there are 9 of them - and then have a wonderful time eating those African soups and other foods at Boma. What an evening!

  • Dock Man
    Dock Man 3 months ago

    Can you please do a video where you compare the monorail resorts?

  • Gonnaebe teninarow
    Gonnaebe teninarow 3 months ago

    Do you think it’s convenient to go to contempo cafe for a quick lunch then back to magic kingdom or is that too time consuming?

  • Richard Harris
    Richard Harris 4 months ago

    Can't agree enough! Check out Artist Point again, Wilderness Lodge is our "Home" whenever we go and we always go there our last night. We've had some meals ranging from "meh" do bordering on the bad over the past few years but when we were there in November they killed it. REALLY good and the feel of the service and the food together seemed like they were really tightened things up. Very much looking forward going there in September this year.

  • Richard Mercer
    Richard Mercer 4 months ago

    Agree with AKL being #1. Boma just IS the best buffet at WDW; no need to qualify. At GF you didn't even mention the Garden View Tea Room!

  • Kaitlin Tan
    Kaitlin Tan 6 months ago

    Love this channel! Thanks for these vids, they are so helpful I am going to disney world in july and so excited..

  • Gray Baker
    Gray Baker 6 months ago

    Is there any reason you don't mention the luau when discussing the Polynesian?

  • Sanjana Thakur
    Sanjana Thakur 6 months ago+1

    I never went to do Disney and you are already getting me started

  • Liam Robertson - Game History Guy

    I love your videos. Please could you make a video about the room service at Disney World? I saw it on their website and I'd like to know if any of that food is any good since I'm visiting this year :)

  • mobius4379
    mobius4379 6 months ago

    How didn't you mention Chef Mickey's at Contemporary?!?

  • joseph siragusa
    joseph siragusa 6 months ago

    I stayed at fort wilderness in October 2017 and it was awesome! please try artist point again we went there on our last stay and it was absolutely amazing. if they have it the smoked mushroom soup is life changing.... for real! I am from New Orleans at times I can be snooty when it comes to food.

  • shellykp33
    shellykp33 7 months ago

    Update to this that you can now get pineapple soft serve (aka Dole Whip) at the Pop Century food court!

  • Kalli Maynard
    Kalli Maynard 8 months ago

    "do you want food at a disney hotel? Only deluxes. Only those. Never anything else. Except fort wilderness." Girl, Landscape of Flavors is awesome and you and I both know it.

  • Chris Gabel
    Chris Gabel 9 months ago

    Just back from wdw and had an amazing meal at California Grill. I don’t say this easily, but simply the single best fish dish I’ve had in my life.

  • Micah Holt
    Micah Holt 9 months ago+2

    The Mara is great. I also like the cafeteria at the All Star resorts. They're good places to go for ice cream.

  • Bluescity1 Disney
    Bluescity1 Disney 9 months ago

    We had a phenomenal steak at Artist Point. I would highly recommend eating there! Have a magical day sprinkled with pixie dust!

  • Jennifer Toto
    Jennifer Toto 9 months ago

    Good picks! Sanaa is my #1 fav and jiko is my #2 fav!

  • Amy Lipkin
    Amy Lipkin 9 months ago

    Ate at Sanaa for lunch today- all I can say is OMG!! Amazing food!!