BTS Explains The True Meaning Behind “Boy With Luv”, Friendship With Shawn Mendes And More

  • Published on:  4/14/2019
  • The day before BTS hit the Saturday Night Live stage, the boys visited The Elvis Duran Show in New York City to celebrate their new EP, 'MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA.' ► Listen LIVE:► Facebook:► Twitter:► Instagram:


  • efil 3 months ago

    ‘Stay the same as you’re now and you’ll continue to flying into outer space’ Thank you for that🙏🏻

  • Mo - ́ 19 days ago

    omg, THAT is going to come true now with NASA.😂

  • E Maze 3 months ago

    This has made in impact to bts/Army #goals

  • Wait, so they telling me FLOWERS WERE SENT???? I LOVE THIS FANDOM??????

  • ArmyXigot7 :3 1 months ago


  • E Maze 3 months ago

    ARMYS well done our Boys deserve this and more💜💐

  • Jimim Mochi 3 months ago

    what’s great about BTS is that they are 7 boys who are just being themselves and I love them

  • E Maze 3 months ago

    Be truth to yourself speak yourself love yourself wise words from these seven boys who are just their loving self💜

  • YoonMin's Kookies 3 months ago

    Honestly, the way Elvis connected with BTS was beautiful, we don't get many interviews like that. Thanks you Elvis for that amazing interview.

  • Jake Da mussnz 2 months ago

    I thought you meant Elvis Presley at first. So I thought to myself: how can he be connected to BTS if he died years ago. Lol

  • YoonMin's Kookies *Ikr.*

  • Btch What 3 months ago

    I rly appreciate how the interviewer did the interview. He was very accomodating and kind to them. Thank youuu! That means alot to Us, ARMYS!💜💞💞

  • Natalie R 3 months ago

    Elvis is LiT fAmyou should hear his phone taps they’re AMAZING

  • Milkshake 3 months ago

    This man gets it. He doesn't ask random and stupid questions.

  • Carrie Chen 2 months ago

    Is it sad that I listen to his channel every day before I go to school but the one Time BTS is on, I miss it

  • SoKaWi 2 months ago

    ​@forever rain Yes! Some people are just so rude and they don't care about the artists themself, they just know they're famous and want an interview with them for attention

  • Bridget Rottier 3 months ago

    only interviewer I actually liked during an interview with BTS that didn't seem completely scripted and fake, I have a lot of respect for this man, unlike other interviewers who only use BTS for views

  • nika quiambao 2 months ago

    Kath C he used the joke to make sure the boys relax and feel comfortable. You can tell how nervous they were, so he used it as an opportunity to make them feel okay. It’s a great interviewer trick.

  • Kath C 3 months ago

    thing i dont like is how he joked about looking homeless tho

  • Hobi Hope 3 months ago

    Elvis: “Stay yourself”BTS: **thinks back to every old LA radio interview where they were asked to change their style/language**RM: “Thats seriously the best message weve ever heard”Seriously THANK YOU Elvis Duran, I grew up listening to your show and I’m so happy that you treated BTS with such respect and genuinely informed yourself about their message + asked them legit questions 💜

  • Lilly M 28 days ago

    What interviews??

  • BekSep 3 months ago

    Omg. Right?! Always trying to make them change to make it easier for everyone else. Staying true to themselves is WHY we love them as ARMY! It's how we can love ourselves, bc they love *themselves*. It's like past interviewers have zero clue about their entire group premise.🤦If you want to know something that's a little difficult, you put in the effort. That's why ARMY is so effing special.💜💜

  • Silver Shade 3 months ago


  • Holy Water 2 months ago


  • shiru ka 2 months ago

    I'm legit crying right now

  • SunTree 3 months ago

    for Kookie banana milkJhope's small speech was so cute , sincerelyI am soo proud of our Namjoon, Namjoonaa you are great you re doing most work of BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PR, translator, leader, producer, songwriter, rapper, singer, dancer, RM is such perfect human !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SunTree 3 months ago

    @xXtwilightbloom Xx he is rapper, but can sing, you can listen his 2nd mixtape!!!! mixtape Mono - moonchild, Seoul, Tokyo, Forever rain

  • Anna Kolovou 3 months ago

    @xXtwilightbloom Xx no, he's not a singer, he's a rapper but armys like to joke around and say that he's a singer cause, let's be honest, he has a pretty good voice.