Buy a polygraph lie detector? And make your own lie detector tests!

  • Published on:  7/2/2016

    Polygrah Lie Detector for Sale. Buy an up to 6 physiological sensor polygrah and get self-employed offering lie detector tests for everyone.

    - Infidelity (For couples who want to know the truth in their relationship or find if the partner has cheated.)
    - Theft
    - Fraud
    - False claims
    - Pre-employment screening
    - Accused of something you didn't do

    Discover lies with real polygraph.

    The Polygraph enables the evaluation of the instructions namely at a certainty of up to 99%. Based on biological measurements invisible reactions such as increase in blood pressure or fine perspiration on the skin are evaluated and presented in the form of a graph. Thus, deviations from the norm are visible. Skilled liars who get very quickly over the first phase (think of the truth) and are already pronounce the lie with a peaceful expression are not to see through for inexperienced questioners. With the polygraph lie detector this short delay phase will be revealed and the truth comes out no matter if a test person tries to "beat the polygraph".