Galaxy Z Flip Doesn't Suck... YOU DO!

  • Published on:  3/4/2020
  • Snazzy Labs reviews the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip after 3 weeks of use. Spoiler: it's actually great
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    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip launched to much fanfare in February 2020. Dubbed as the third "mass-market" foldable smartphone, this folding phone flipped (quite literally) the display into a clamshell design reminiscent of retro flip phones as well as the newly updated Motorola RAZR foldable. Unlike the Moto, however, Samsung packed some seriously good specs into this handset. You get a 1080p equivalent ultra-wide 21.9:9 1080p-equivalent display, a Snapdragon 855+, 8GB, 256GB+ storage, and all a camera assembly similar to that found in the Galaxy S10. Sure, there have been early reports of durability issues from fellow YouTubers like JerryRigEverything, but we believe they're largely blown out of proportion and whilst Samsung should be chastised for misleading advertising, the glass display is *actually* glass and is *actually* really great. The question, however, remains: "Is this phone worth $1,400?" and "Can the Galaxy Z Flip with 2019 specs really hold a candle to Samsung's 2020 flagship Galaxy S20 line?" In a way, yes. In other ways, no. One thing is to be sure: this thing is made of glass, it folds, and it's actually really great. #SnazzyLabs#Samsung#GalaxyZFlip