The James Corden Response to Trump's Wall Address

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
  • James Corden responds to President Donald Trump's national television address to defend his position for a wall along America's southern border.

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  • Flo- Pride
    Flo- Pride 3 days ago

    None of you liberal ❄️❄️ were saying this when your liberal religious leaders were saying the same things about immigration. But now someone of a different political party says it, it’s all of a sudden is not a good thing???? Goes to show you that liberals are just sheep. You guys need to think critically and not just emotionally. (Sorry, I’m sure the word “guys” will trigger some of you ❄️).

  • Matt Scott
    Matt Scott 4 days ago

    in 20 years this fat fuck will look like Trump

  • Crypto Hunt
    Crypto Hunt 6 days ago

    Another English poofter mocking Trump. Let's talk about the 273,000 people a year pouring into a tiny island country (UK) which has allowed Sharia courts to establish themselves outside the UK legal system. Corden is in no position to criticize.

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. 7 days ago

    Well, if the wall will pay for itself, then we don't need Mexico to pay for it, nor do we need American tax payer to pay for it.

  • PlymouthVT
    PlymouthVT 8 days ago

    If my old man ever talks like this I'm like lets go Pop...Where we goin son...To see a man about your head.

  • Alabama Mothman
    Alabama Mothman 8 days ago

    Not interested in ANYTHING lying traitors have to say.

  • susan hyland
    susan hyland 8 days ago

    James Corden - I CAN'T NOT BELIEVE you have not done carpool Karyokee with Peter Gabriel???? Sting?

  • Shannon DeCillis
    Shannon DeCillis 9 days ago

    Love you James 👌

  • killemall
    killemall 10 days ago


  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 10 days ago

    All these NPCs in the comments lol

  • Karolyn Herrera
    Karolyn Herrera 10 days ago

    So I guess it's okay to laugh at the thousands of people killed by illegals every year, or the thousands of women and chidren raped or trafficked during their trip to the border...Got it. Sure, that's a great thing to joke about. I guess all of you who watch and laugh along with him think the same thing. Assholes.

  • albert castillo
    albert castillo 10 days ago

    Wanted experience Chinese wall builders. A.S.A.P Head south look for brown people running north. Make ovens Mexican need not apply. Trump wall co. Washington DC.

  • carly wise
    carly wise 10 days ago

    Dems can’t come up with a valid counter argument or better solution so they make fun instead, makes sense

  • Alf Ching
    Alf Ching 10 days ago

    They could stretch this fat big mouthed Pratt to make the Wall

  • salas7146
    salas7146 11 days ago

    Donald Trump say's that his a very rich old man he would off paid the wall with his own money

  • Raymond Lund
    Raymond Lund 11 days ago

    Trump should pay for wall and put in bridge then he and McConnell can hide under it like the trolls they are... Then charge toll to cross will pay for itself someone tell trumpinochio ..if he can make a dollar from it he will think it is a good idea

  • Simmy Simmy
    Simmy Simmy 11 days ago

    someone should build a wall around this prick..

  • Cherie Cullum
    Cherie Cullum 11 days ago

    Truly heartwarming to see the lard-assed misogynist squirming and squealing in front of a strong woman..

  • Steve Schmengle
    Steve Schmengle 11 days ago

    Actually Corden Corden whatever your name is you really need to learn a lesson and that lesson is that we really don't give one fat rat's ass about what your political opinions are. Just entertain us monkey singing and dancing do things like that. Celebrities don't realize that they cut their audience as they run their pie hole

  • Hans Hartfiel
    Hans Hartfiel 11 days ago

    That unfunny fat guy Corden is no better than Trump