Let's clean up "I Love It" (YIAY LIVE #6)

  • Published on:  9/19/2018
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  • Taikamuna 9 months ago

    Yiay live won't affect regular yiayand other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself

  • Lukas Sprehn 6 months ago

    I miss YIAY Live.....

  • Addi Caldwell 8 months ago

    He Who Judges when I commented on hi comment it was different. As u can read it says he edited it

  • Lucky Golden Gun 9 months ago

    I think normal YIAY is becoming the new YGS

  • Terza Just terza 8 months ago

    Lucky Golden Gun no normal YIAY is becoming the new YGS 100

  • Kaizir 8 months ago

    That's right guys, new YIAY everyday...

  • I'macat 9 months ago

    I hate it when people think yiay got replaced by yiay live when really yiay never had a consistent upload schedule to begin with

  • marinasdead 8 months ago

    okay Jack why the side account say it without hiding

  • Zuhayr 8 months ago

    Yesterday I asked you(5 days ago)

  • Meme Insider 9 months ago

    Here’s a Fake Fact:YIAY LIVE won’t delay regular YIAY.

  • Donna Lewis 8 months ago

    @Enzo Massutti dont like dont say

  • Brooke Mulso 8 months ago

    @Enzo Massutti Calm down. Honestly.

  • Talking Orange Blob 9 months ago

    98% of comments - “this wont effect YIAY at all!”1.9% of comments - other.1% of comments - this one

  • Jüśt Mœnīkæ 9 months ago

    Yeah this sounds great but have you tried *not replacing yiay*

  • DJ Dipstick 9 months ago


  • No Thanks 9 months ago

    Zanman? was that a diss

  • cookiedere 9 months ago

    HEY THAT WAS ME AT 0:46!!!!!!!!!!! i got the least votes in that round but hey i technically got into yiay AND got at least 100 people to read the name "lesbianflower". finna woke(ok but jack thank u i was shaking im glad i finally made a Funney)

  • Allen Entrekin 9 months ago

    I'm early let me think of a jokeRegular YIAY

  • J&D Productions 8 months ago

    He he he so funny

  • BTS My name is J 9 months ago


  • Zoe is Awesome 9 months ago

    JACK ISNT WEARING HIS GREEN SHIRT1 like = 1 green shirt for jack

  • Wynaut Videos 9 months ago

    Yiay live won’t affect regular yiay is almost as big of a lie as ygs every Friday

  • Lukas Sprehn 6 months ago

    no u